Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Sunday was a busy day for us. I woke up at 6:30 to get ready for the Swap Meet in Mesa. It starts at 7:00 so we wanted to get there in the morning as early as we could to miss the crowd and while it would still be cool since the temperature high was going to be 97. We made it there by 8:45ish. The directions were wrong which made us drive for an extra 15 minutes, but it only took us 20 minutes to get to Mesa. We arrived at the swap meet and started our way in to get our shop on. It's all covered and most of the vendors have giant fans or small Ac's to keep their area cool. This place is so big that we only got through half of it. First we cruised through one side, decided which ones we'd come back to buy from, sat to rest and people watch, then went through another side, stopped for a brief lunch break then finished up. We went back to the stores we wanted to purchase from last so that we didn't have to carry the items the whole time. We purchased some southwest decor from two vendors that was Made in the USA. I got a Coach purse and an Ed Hardy check wallet, only spent $40 total! What a deal :) After our purchases we left around 11:30ish. We stopped in Gilbert to check out Bedmart to see if we could find a mattress. We found one for purchase then went onward to see if we could find a bedroom set at Mor Furniture. We were recommended to go to Mor Furniture by the manager who sold us the mattress; her husband is the manager at the furniture store. We made our way west to Tempe. Three hours later we had our bedroom set and kitchen table w/ chairs on order. Everything is to be delivered this Wednesday, except for our headboard-foot board-rails, that will be coming in 6 weeks. It was a long ordeal at the Mor Furniture store and I don't care to write about it. Lets just say we walked out after it took 45 minutes to complete the transaction. The sales lady came after us out the door and promised us it would only take another 5 minutes. The store has really nice furniture, provides Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, popcorn, lemonade and tea, so we started off on a good foot. But they need to improve their checkout procedures and card opening procedures. It took less than 5 minutes to check out and open an account at NFM. This place needs to provide that service. We were so worn out that we decided to have some tension release and went to see Doni at The Room Store and to take one last look at the top running bedroom set to make sure we were making the right decision. We decided that it was the best deal to go w/ Mor Furniture given the terrible experience it was to purchase it.

Today our realtor Peter and his wife Sheila (AKA She-She) invited us to lunch. This was the first time we've seen Peter since we came to AZ and looked at houses back in July. She-She is pregnant and they are expecting their first child ( girl) in December. We ate at Longhorns Steakhouse and shared some good stories and started a new friendship. They are crazy people! She-She is her nickname he calls her. He also calls her 'sunshine' 'baby' 'babe' and other mushy mushy names. After our 2 hour visit we arrived back home and I took off to the Chandler Library. I made the mistake of going right when school let out. It was filled w/ kids on the 'puter checking their MySpace pages and sitting on benches making out. I had to let out a few chuckles. I received my card and checked out a book. This is a high-tech library or at least the first I've encountered. I can re-check or hold books online and drop off books at any of the 4 locations. They also email and call you when the due date is close.

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