Saturday, October 4, 2008

Game Day

Today has been another busy, adventerous day. We started the day off w/ a nice breezy walk around the neighborhoods. It was garage sale day around here. Our neighbors down the street were having one. So we stopped by and chatted w/ them on our walk through. We've met alot of our neighbors and we've already been informed about the New Years Eve neighborhood party. Everyone is really nice, small town feeling. We continued our walk and turned the corner where two little girls were selling popcorn balls and carmel apples for $1, I really wanted a carmel apple, but we kept walking. We passed a small park area where there are basketball hoops and a volleyball net and some park benches. Down the way from that we walked down the greenbelt. The greenbelt runs between the houses through the neighborhoods. It's landscaped w/ trees, bushes, grass, flowers and rock. We passed a small playground then at the end passed an elementary school and walked upon a public park. This was a huge green space w/ a baseball field, a large playground and included basketball hoops and horseshoe. As was approached closer to home, we passed another small playground. Along all of the sidewalks are trashcans that hold doggy bags; those are convenient! I made the first big grocery trip to Bashas around 12:30. It's such a nice store and the service is extremely friendly. Back home Jason started putting up the shade for the master bathroom window. I took Tory down for a walk to the mailbox. When we stepped outside it was sprinkling. It's been sprinkling off and on for the past few hours. The high today has been 80 w/ a breeze and cloudy all afternoon. I got the grill ready for our first grill at the house. Nothing like some good grilled grub to watch the NE game with!

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