Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

Monday's are rough for TV watching. I don't have a DVR or TIVO; not sure I'll ever want them either. Too many good shows on all at the same time on Monday's. Currently I'm watching Christian Slater's new show "My Own Worst Enemy" to pass the time until The Hills come on. It's about time this man came back! He was the "IT" man back in the day and he's been missed, by me at least.

Do you watch your neighbors? Do you think they watch you? Do you make up stories about them? Well, our neighbors across the street is my mission possible. It started out w/ me thinking a man and a woman lived there since I saw them both leave the house and they both waved. That is not the case. It appears there are two guys living there. The one who waved, does have a girlfriend and he plays the drums in the garage. He'll bang on them for at least an hour at a time. I don't see him around as much though. I see the 'other guy' around. He has a woman too and she comes around alot. These guys are totally different too. The "waver" has brown slightly curly hair and dresses normal and drives an expensive fast car. The 'other guy' is the pant sagger who has random other pant saggers from all around come over all the time. This afternoon I was sweeping out the garage when I noticed pant sagers young girl, probably 21/22ish left and he walked her out. Her car was parked there all day. Immediatly after she left one pant sagger jersey shirt wearer came and knocked on the door and was let in. Maybe 5 minutes later another pant sagger-jersey wearer knocked on the door and was let in. I was keeping my head down low but kept my eyes up sneaking a peak of the action. In my head I was picturing the pant sagger texting his other pant sagger-jersey wearing buddies saying "his bitch was gone and to come over". And then a drug deal picture ran through my head. These kids are always around this house. Two of the kids, or at least one for sure, lives down a couple houses. So we are still trying to figure these guys out. Now I always kept a watch on things when I lived in the apartment and I'll continue to do it in my own house. Kinda of a private eye or a peeping tom. Another thing that went through my head was why this cute chick was w/ this pant sagging loser.?. At least one state it making it a law against pant sagging.


Jess said...

LONG TIME NO TALK!!! I've been so dang busy that I've totally lost touch with you!! I'm hoping to improve on this and be a better friend and actually send you an email every now and then!! Anyhow, this was hilarious. It's fun to watch people and invent interesting stories about them! I've been faithfully reading your blogs so I can stay up on what's happening with you guys. Glad to hear that you are settling in nicely down there.

Anonymous said...

isn't it amazing how real life can be better than television??

at least that's what i tell myself since I don't own a tv.