Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Part Three

Monday morning we headed over to see our house. This baby is huge! We may have filled up a 26 foot truck, but we need more stuff to fill up this house and make it our home. After the big unload with help from J's uncle I started doing some unpacking and arranging. J and his uncle B went over to Lowes in the morning to purchase our new fridge. We already new what we wanted when we looked back in NE. They decided to pick it up later using the Uhaul since Lowes wasn't sure if it could be delivered next day. Later that night they went to pick it up and attempt to bring it in. This took a couple hours, some doors taken off and decided to put it into the garage where it would sit over night until they could figure out how to get it into the house. At 9:30 uncle B had left tired and sore as J and I headed to eat. We decided to try out Jack in the Box. This was our first experience and the food was good. Back home to sleep off the busy day.

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