Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Drivers License

Tuesday morning it was off to the DMV to register J's car since the plates expired this month. First you have to go to Emmissions. This takes about 5 minutes and is required to have done for a shocking-waste-of-money $27. After the emmission inspection it's time to go nextdoor to the DMV where we sit for another 5 minutes for the out of state inspection. Parked the car and time to head inside to grab a number, fill out the paperwork for a drivers license and sit and wait. Our number was called after some good people watching and we both got new AZ drivers licenses and his car registered. We sat at a work space with a man who used two fingers to type up everything. My name was called to have the picture taken. She told me it would be one more sec so I just stood there and waited. Then she tells me it's ready. I just kept smiling and looked straight. There wasn't a flash and I had no clue when she was taking it. Wouldn't you know it, this was the worst picture I've ever had for a DL. First off, the left side of my head is darker due to the lack of light and the topper- my eyes are looking to the side!! UGH! But better yet, I don't have to re-new my license until I turn 65! YES this is true, my license expires in 2047. So that $25 for the DL will sure be well worth it, lol. We then headed to Whataburger. Once again, another first for me. It was also good. Anyway, the rest of the afternoon I decided to venture out for some shopping and an unpacking break. I headed to Super Target which is less than 10 minutes away and across the street from there is Walmart. I was so excited to see a ton of stores in that area so close to me!

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