Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Been A Week!

I've been MIA for over a week! The Christmas lights are up and boy are they bright! Took 3 days, but the LED is awesome! The inside is mostly decorated, the tree we'll put up this weekend. We've been invited to Mary and Barry's for Thanksgiving this year. She has it all covered, except I'm bringing the rolls, green bean casserole and a dessert.

Here is a site you can listen to full songs. I usually go to Amazon to hear the songs before buying the CD or the song off ITunes, but it only plays a portion. Now I can listen to an entire album all the way through! Check it out Here.

So, I've been reading tons of blogs about couponing and learning all the tricks. When I have a bigger family I'll be all set and should be a master by then! I'll post the sites in Blogroll soon so everyone can check them out. It's nice to get a good deal. It gets pretty exciting when I can get cheese for $.77! Albertsons had Kraft shredded, bar, and singles on sale for $1.77. I used my $1 off coupon to get them for $.77, I also did two transactions so I can have plenty of cheese for a while. Cheese is expensive, so I had to stock up while I could! Same for cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups. Target had them for $.49 a can, so I used my coupon and got 4 cans for $99!

Last night I made out our Christmas Party invitations. We are going to invite our block of neighbors and our Arizona friends and family. The party is on the 19th, I took the 18th off to do lots of cooking and baking!

That's all for now, until next time!

Today's temperature: 75*

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Deals

Looking for some good deals?

Target has Angel Soft toilet paper, 36 double rolls for $15.99. You can pair that with the $1 off coupon for your $14.99 total. I had a $5 gift card so the total for me was $10.99 (already used my $1 off coupon last month). Pay attention when Target offers a $5 gift card on some of their items, they come in handy later on. I got the gift card for buying 2 Vaseline pump lotions, I also had a $1 off coupon for the lotions. They have a few gift card deals going on now. If you buy 2 packages of Chinet plates you will receive the $5 gift card, those plates can come in handy for Thanksgiving or Christmas...

Amazon has Bon Jovi's new CD for $3.99!
Also, Pinks Funhouse for $3.99! I've not downloaded from Amazon before or bought a CD from them, but I might just have to buy Pinks album.

Walgreens has Blistex chapstick on sale for $.99 and you can pair it with the current Blistex coupon for a grand total of only $.49! I'll be hitting that up since that is the kind of chapstick I use daily.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Rest of our NE Trip

Saturday we drove to Wymore to spend the day with J's mom. We ate lunch at Runza, stopped at Pamida then hung out around the house. We watched part of the NE game before we hit the road around 8:30.

Sunday we had our much needed sleeping in time then hung out. We went to a late lunch at Keno in Plattsmouth before heading off to the airport.

The trip went fast as usual, but we conquered quite a bit in the time allotted.

Now that we're back home, it's time to start getting ready for Christmas and finalizing these wedding plans!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Part of the NE Trip...

We are back from our Nebraska trip. It was very successful and fun. With the timezone change, it makes it alot easier to travel to the Midwest. An hour ahead is waaay better than 2 and what a difference just 1 hour makes!

We arrived in Omaha at 10:30, ran to get our rental car (PT Cruiser) then made our way downtown Plattsmouth to meet some friends at the Waterhole to get our drink on! This was J's first time drinking in PTown, I've yet to drink in his hometown. All was good, we just ordered our 3rd drink at midnight and had to be booted out due to a bomb threat. Some ass decided to call the bar and issue a bomb threat! So we packed up and headed down a few stores to the next bar to finish the last hour. Rusty's was recently remolded and didn't look like as much as a dump as it used to! They even added self serve popcorn and peanuts! Of course the police and firemen were checking out the bomb scare, but they didn't stay long. We found out on Saturday that it was some random guy who just called it in. The guy is dumb because the bar has caller ID and all he did was pick up the phone and dial, so needless to say, he was traced within minutes, LOL. At least he made our night more interesting and something to talk about and remember!

Friday was a busy day! We hung out with my family that morning. At noon, me, J and my mom headed out to do some minor shopping. I went to Peels to get my must needed products, well, actually I love this one product and it is like crack to me! It felt so good to get home and start using it again! I know I'm a freak, but you find something you love and can only get it at one place and have only one chance to get it especially since the last time you were there it was all sold out, you become pretty excited to see it in stock! We then headed to Husker Hound and made a few purchases. Back in town we picked the nephews up from school and spent some time with them. We had to get ready for the Friday night wedding. The church was on the Creighton campus and it was beautiful! The reception was held as the DC Center. Afterwards we met up at Ameristar to see Lemon Fresh Day and friends. Always a good time at Amerisports!

To be continued...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Things

Halloween has come and gone. I put all the decorations away on Sunday. Now the house is all clear for LED lights! We had 44 trick or treaters. The costume trends were pirates and ninjas. We only had one without a costume and 1 adult dressed up as a Rock 'N' Roll Dad, complete with long black curly wig, hat, and his real tattoos; reminded me of Slash. He also had his own bag to catch treats in, that mooch!

The temperatures have finally risen back up. Last Wednesday was only in the 50's! Can you imagine going from 90's one day to 50's the next?! At least it came back up to the 90's, I'm not ready for the coolness.

Saturday I found some more nifty items from Goodwill. (we went to the NE football game Saturday morning at the bar, which is next to a Goodwill) I found a few more Fourth of July items and a set of Christmas spreaders. A few more Southwestern items as well. The spreaders will come in handy for a Christmas party we're planning on having.

We've notice a trend lately. Restaurant-bars are having all day happy hours on Sundays. It makes it a good deal to eat out for half price and still be able to have a good time. We figure if we're going to eat out once a week, we may as well do it on Sunday and get if half off! Unless we have a coupon for another restaurant, which usually consist of buy one entree get one free. We use those all of the time!

Lately we have been doing the wedding planning. Looking for hotels and restaurants. Too many to choose from which makes for a lot of Internet-researching time. It can be frustrating!

And lastly, we're headed back to NE this weekend for a wedding and quick family time.