Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Been A Week!

I've been MIA for over a week! The Christmas lights are up and boy are they bright! Took 3 days, but the LED is awesome! The inside is mostly decorated, the tree we'll put up this weekend. We've been invited to Mary and Barry's for Thanksgiving this year. She has it all covered, except I'm bringing the rolls, green bean casserole and a dessert.

Here is a site you can listen to full songs. I usually go to Amazon to hear the songs before buying the CD or the song off ITunes, but it only plays a portion. Now I can listen to an entire album all the way through! Check it out Here.

So, I've been reading tons of blogs about couponing and learning all the tricks. When I have a bigger family I'll be all set and should be a master by then! I'll post the sites in Blogroll soon so everyone can check them out. It's nice to get a good deal. It gets pretty exciting when I can get cheese for $.77! Albertsons had Kraft shredded, bar, and singles on sale for $1.77. I used my $1 off coupon to get them for $.77, I also did two transactions so I can have plenty of cheese for a while. Cheese is expensive, so I had to stock up while I could! Same for cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups. Target had them for $.49 a can, so I used my coupon and got 4 cans for $99!

Last night I made out our Christmas Party invitations. We are going to invite our block of neighbors and our Arizona friends and family. The party is on the 19th, I took the 18th off to do lots of cooking and baking!

That's all for now, until next time!

Today's temperature: 75*

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