Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

It's been a while since I've been on here. A lot has been going on as our weekends have been busy and full. We are having a Christmas party, need to reserve our hotel for the wedding, need to create and order the invitations, buy presents, send presents and the list goes on and on. December is full and going too fast! The Christmas party is on the 19th and I have taken the 18th off to cook, bake and prepare. We've invited a few neighbors, new Arizona friends and J's family. It should be a decent turnout and a good time, don't have to worry about drinking and driving! The last time I had a party was at my apartment in Papillion and that was a poker party. The decorations are complete including hung mistletoe, the tree is twinkling and the external lights are all hung.

Sunday J and I went to the AMC theater in Awatukee to see Couples Retreat. The movies are $5 before noon and you get free refills on large pops or popcorn. Afterwards we ate a late lunch at Abuelos.

Saturday M and B invited us to lunch to their favorite catfish restaurant in Florence. The rest of the day was spent doing housework then watching the NE football game against Texas. Unfortunately, we lost by 2 points. It bothered me very much, took me a while to settle down and be able to go to bed that night.

The weather has chilled down a lot! The lows are in the 30's and the highs are in the 50;s-60's. Flagstaff is getting pounded with snow today though! We had clouds, rain and strong winds all day today.

So much for nice sunny weather! :(

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