Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pittsburgh Willy's Gourmet Hotdogs

I think I need to change my profile picture. I still haven't posted the pictures of the newly painted house so this picture looks drab now.

Tanning is going very well. I think I'm as tan as I'm going to be. With as many times as I have gone you'd think I'd be really dark. My skin just doesn't hold a tan for long. But on the flip side my dress alterations are complete and either the dress looks really white from the cleaning or I look tan! Haha. Now I don't look so washed out and as white as the dress! I had to hang the dress up in our spare bedroom closet as my first dress keeper is having issues with her cat and the closet it would be kept in. Long story... This means J is not allowed to peak! The dress also stinks; it must be the cleaning product they used. I'd like to air it out, but I don't want wondering eyes to see. I can't believe the wedding is only a month away!! I've made my hair appointment at The Mirage and we have confirmed that the Graceland Wedding Chapel has our name reserved (had to make sure you know, it was over 3 months ago when we booked).

Every week has been busy. Between getting the house cleaned, looking at new houses (possibly moving to a ranch style and renting this house), going to the gym, running errands, tanning, working and all the other things life brings. I enjoy my Pilate's and Yoga class to relax and breath. The Pilate's really works your entire body and the Yoga class isn't called Challenge Yoga for nothing! It's defiantly challenging!

It is also Lenten season which means I've given up something. This year I've decided to save everyones life around me and stick with coffee and give up soda pop. I didn't think it would be too hard since I don't drink a ton of it, but when I eat pizza I have to have a pop! Today I found myself craving a sip of diet Pepsi or Coke, but I didn't give in. Water and I have been getting along really well lately.

Today we tried a new place called Pittsburgh Willy's Gourmet Hotdogs. I had the Wild Willy and J opted for the 3 Legged Chili 'N Cheese and I also had to try their pierogi's. It was all very good! There is just one guy there that takes your order and cooks the food (cook to order). It's inside the antique mall so you can browse while your meal is being prepared or walk it off afterwards.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trader Joe's and Sprouts

A couple of weeks ago I dragged J to check out Trader Joe's and Sprouts. Trader Joe's is a organic store and Sprouts is a organic locally-grown supermarket. Since I wanted to lose a couple of pounds before the wedding I wanted to cut down sugar as much as possible. I found organic sugar and sweeteners to help me out. I have not added sugar to coffee in a couple of weeks now! I am a sucker for sweet tea in restaurants though and have had about 3 sweet teas in the past couple weeks...*sigh. Now I just need to cut out sweets and I'll be set! There isn't a Trader Joe's near the house so we trekked up to Mesa to check it out. Upon arriving this place was so busy! Probably didn't help we went on a Saturday :) They have tiny carts for kids to push and boy were there a ton of them! This place is pretty small as J said it reminded him of a small supermarket on the corner in Chicago, a type of place you could buy a little bit of everything-quick one stop shop. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable as I had to utilize them to show me around and slow down my stimulated brain (meaning the place was so busy and I had no idea where anything was and there is so much stuff in there-anxiety set in). I knew I wanted to get some freshly ground coffee, organic sugar and some high fiber snacks. I grabbed a can of coffee and used their grinders to grind the beans-very convenient! Talked to a couple staff members about organic sugar then found some high fiber-chocolate chip mini cookies and picked up some peanut butter cookies for Tory.

The Blue Agave sweetener is actually sold in most grocery stores here. It is derived from the Agave plant which can be found everywhere here!

Sprouts was larger than TJ's and had a more organized layout. I bought a few items from them as well.

Overall both stores were interesting and fun.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gold Canyon's Valentine Scent Recipe

Scent Blending Recipes are carefully selected recipes of individual candles that when burning together, create their own unique, blended scent experience.

To maximize your fragrant experience, use the exact sizes and quantities noted in each recipe – a slight alteration can be like adding salt when you needed sugar.

FIRST: Arrange the candles on a heat-safe surface with the largest in the middle and smaller candles interspersed throughout. For votive and Tealight candles, use a holder to protect the surface.

SECOND: Place each candle approximately two inches apart in your arrangement.

THIRD: Light each candle and let the aromas mingle for at least 30 minutes to create your new fragrance experience.

My Sweet Valentine

For an extra special Valentine’s Day, this blend of fruits and sweets will make your sweetie swoon. With such a wonderful aroma of candies and delectable baked goods, your sweetie will surely expect some of the real thing!

19 oz. Lemon Bar
14 oz. Candy Hearts
8 oz. Strawberry Shortcake