Friday, November 28, 2008

Brew Time

Today was my first day working at Red White and Brew. I was nervous and scared, but once I got there, that seemed to go away. I always hate starting new jobs and I'm always shy/reserved and careful when I do. I'm actually hired on as a Bartender, but I have to learn the menu first since part of my bartending will include minor serving. So I followed a server around tonight (Brian). I'll be following one for the next 4 days or at least until I'm comfortable then I'll be serving by myself. I'm not sure how long the single serving will last until I finally get behind the bar, but I just need to get through it. I've never waitressed before, so it's different for me. After sitting for many years at the job, the standing and constant walking was taking a toll on me. My legs and feet hurt and I'm tired. And I wasn't even doing any of the work and it was considered a slow night! Well, I did want to lose some weight, so this should help me.

Next Monday I have an interview w/ Fitness Works for their sales and marketing. I'm really excited about this. I've always wanted to be a personal trainer, so this could be the break I've wanted. I believe this position includes benefits, which is really what I'm looking for. I'm still waiting to hear back from Edward Jones (my ideal job).

I think tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to put up my Christmas decorations. I only have one string of outside lights, so I don't think any lights will be going up. I have a few window decorations, but the brunt of my decorations are interior.

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Wednesday night I started to make deviled eggs to take for Thanksgiving. The worst eggs ever boiled! I was so pissed that when I started peeling the shell the egg was coming off. I had boiled the eggs in the morning, cooled, placed in the frig for the whole day. I've never had such bad luck w/ eggs ever!! So I just finished peeling them and decided I'd just make some egg salad for myself sometime over the weekend; a dozen eggs basically are going to be wasted.

Thursday morning, up and early at 7:30. I made the Snicker salad then threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast, relaxed a little then started the sweet potatoes boiling process. We were to leave the house at 11:00 to pick up Uncle B and his lady. I was running around the place getting things finished up and ready to go; we got to his house at 11:15. We finally got on the road to Tucson where we would be meeting Uncle B's daughter and family; Kim, Tony and the 4 kiddies. We ran into some traffic on the way due to some accidents and construction. Oh, I need to mention the fact it was raining (hint: rain + driving in AZ = accidents) It rained most of the day on Wednesday and off and on on Thursday. I couldn't believe it was raining! Although it was nice to see some different weather, it was cold and windy. We had a nice dinner and a great time at Kim and Tony's. We played two rounds of darts on the Wii (I won the first round). J and I are thinking of getting a Wii soon. Kim and Tony live in a Pueblo style house that they had built 8 years ago. They have an acre of land and it is nothing but cactus and desert space.

This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family. We've decided that for Thanksgiving's we'll probably fly home for them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Music Madness

The one thing I've come to realize about the time change we don't honor is that some of the T.V. shows I watch like The Hills isn't on until late now. It used to be 10:00, which was tolerable, but now it's 11:00, which is hard for me to stay up to watch these days. Now, I'm passing the time until The Real Housewives of O.C. come on at 11:00. While many Nebraskans are currently watching it, I have to wait.

I can't wait to buy the new Nickelback and Guns & Roses Cd. Generally, I rush out to buy them immediately since they are way cheaper, but I had to hold back due to not having a job and the Cd isn't a need it's a want. The fact that G&R can only be bought at Best Buy sucks. This Cd is going to be a major buy for Christmas and probably will continuously be out of stock. For some reason I find that Best Buy always runs out of Cd's quickly, like they don't anticipate the demand and barely keep enough on the shelves. I'll probably stick to Itunes to purchase it is my thought. Now, Nickelback finally put up their tour and they are coming to Omaha on St. Patricks day. That will be one drunk-fest! But it is on a Tuesday, which isn't the best day for a concert. I'm disappointed that they haven't scheduled one for Phoenix (yet?). Their schedule starts at the end of February and goes through April so far, so I'm still holding out hope. I've been to their last two concerts and I've loved them. This tour will feature Seether and Saving Able. It's bad enough I want to badly see AC/DC in which is coming soon-too soon; December 10. The ticket price is a screaming $96.93 and that would probably be a nose bleed section. I told J that's all I wanted for Christmas ;) I'm not so sure I'm going to get wish though. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE music. I have over 200 Cd's and have my Ipod full (which I barely listen to anymore-the only good thing about having a desk job) Another Cd I want to purchase is The All American Rejects; these guys are straight out of Oklahoma, but have fun-good music.

Tonight J and I priced out some Christmas trees. Those fake things are expensive! We found a 7.5 footer pre-lit that we like, but it's $149.00. So we'll see, maybe we'll have one this year, maybe we won't. I'll be putting out my Christmas decorations this weekend though!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Missing Pieces

I forgot to report on a new bar/restaurant we tried on Saturday. Majerle's sports bar is located next to the Chandler mall. We met Kendra there and I had the best club sandwich!

We had a relative of J's uncle come over to see the house that afternoon. I made a spinach dip to snack on and we chatted it up. They brought us a night house warming gift of Corona, glass cactus and a hummingbird feeder. Apparently the hummingbirds stay all year round. Now I need to get a Sheppard's hook to hang it from and get a brush to clean the feeder w/. This will be my new hobby: attracting the hummingbird, making the sweet nectar for it-1 part sugar w/ 4 parts water, maintaining the food in order to maintain the hummingbird. I've already spent some time researching it online. I found out that two neighbors have hummingbirds so someday they might just find their way over to my crib. I'll keep you informed on this project...

After we chatted it up w/ our visitors, we met another neighbor and checked out his pool and cool landscaped yard as he gave us tips and information about cactus, pools, hummingbirds, smoking meat, motion-detected solar light, and his love of ice cream. We headed to Marjerle's, but was home before 10:00. Overall, it was a good Saturday afternoon, the morning was spent cleaning the house of course. Sadly, fell asleep on the couch missing Tim McGraw on SNL.

It's Brew Time!

Well, the job front has been hectic and stressful. Last week I had an interview, I would have been contracted out until Sept. 2009 through a company called Sykes on the behalf of Countrywide. Since Bank of America took over Countrywide, this is the reason the job would be short lived. It is a call center job taking incoming calls, answering questions and trying to sell products. It was a good interview and I was offered the job on the spot, however, I told them I needed to talk it over w/ J before accepting the position. Their eyes bulged like they've never been shot down before. They were anticipating to do the orientation right then and there. The job didn't offer me anything, the hours sucked, it would take about 30 minutes to drive each way and they made me feel like I was swearing on an imaginary bible that I'd never quit before the contract ended or ever be gone a day. J told me to decline it and I didn't want to take that job since I just need a paycheck to get by until I found one I liked. So the search continues. I've applied to allot of places and they just aren't hiring. I'll call and follow up and they tell me to call back in a couple weeks or the manager isn't in so I'd have to call the next day or someone takes a message and I never get a call back. It seems harder to get a job down here rather than NE.

Today was luck of the draw though. After applying at a Hi Health (compared to GNC) and Target I decided to stop by Red White and Brew on the way home to see if they happened to need a bartender. I completed their simple application, the chick went to get the manager, I met the manager and she basically said she desperately needed a bartender. Plain and simple, no interview needed, she asked if I could start this Friday at 4. Um, OK. I'd be a bartender, but I have to start out as a server, which is mostly to learn the menu. Well, I just need to suck it up and try to get through a few weeks of that so I can move on to the bartending. I've never waitressed before and not sure I'll be that good at it. I mean, I've done fast food for 4 years, but it's not the same. My homework is to study the menu and memorize it. I also have to get liquor certified and a food and handling certificate which involves taking a test. At least I have 3o days to complete that and both of those will be beneficial in the future if I need to use them elsewhere. This will hopefully be quick money for me until I find the ideal job. Now I need to go shopping for a white collared shirt and all black shoes for my server job (I already have some black pants to wear). As the bartender, they supply a long sleeved logo shirt-that will be much better. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weigh In

When I had Tory in the pet resort they weighed her. Last time I weighed her was in the summer and she was 9 pounds. This time she's 7 pounds. I'd like to think the walks we've been doing has helped allot. A Chihuahua should weigh 6 pounds. The diet food she's on probably helps too. Although I don't notice any weight lose, in fact, I thought she looked as though she gained weight. I haven't lost any weight from these walks. I want to though. J busted out a jump rope the other day. Starting today I've decided to include jump roping after the walk. When I was little, I used to jump rope forever, everyday. Now I can barely breath and don't last very long. I figure I'll work my way up the rope. I really need to get that bicycle.

Yesterday, we received the headboard and foot board to our bed. It fits the room well and looks beautiful. It's a sleigh bed w/ brown leather on the headboard and foot board. When I first saw the bed and the set, I knew it was the right one and fell in love w/ all of the detail and the fact that it had everything I've wanted and been looking for. We seem to have a problem w/ bedding these days though. The queen bed has a queen size comforter on it, but it's not long enough to cover the sides of the bed. We are having the same problem w/ the king bed. The king sheets and king comforter are too small. The sheets are the ones w/ extra pocket for the thicker mattresses. Why do you have to buy the next biggest size in order for it to fit?! So now we'll have to invest in a California king bedding set someday, they aren't cheap either and can be hard to find. If they are going to make mattresses thicker/bigger they need to make the sheets and comforter to fit them. Annoying!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, it was a busy, quick trip back to the Midwest. Early Thursday morning we hopped in the plane and made our way to cold-windy NE. Went to lunch w/ my parents, hung out w/ my nephews then headed to Wymore to spend the night w/ J's mom. It was a dark-rainy-windy-cold ride there. Arrived back at my parents house on Friday around 2. Got ready for the rehearsal and was on our way up to Omaha at 5. Stopped by to pick up Anand, J's old roommate in Chicago, and headed to the church. After the rehearsal, a dinner was supplied at Farmer Browns in Waterloo. We stayed until 9:15, then made our way across the river to Council Bluffs Amerisports bar to meet some of my friends to party w/ Lemon Fresh Day. We had a great time and closed the bar.

Woke up early from my parents on Saturday and I took J up to Anand so that they could get their tuxes and get to the church for pictures and the ceremony to follow. I took the time to do some shopping for hair products and Christmas presents. Time got away from me and I had to rush home to get ready for the afternoon/night. I finally made it to the wedding and we then made our way to the reception. After the reception Anand, J and I met some friends at Muldoons Pub to settle for the night.

Up and around Sunday morning was the hardest. My mom made breakfast for us as I finished packing up the car w/ some leftover items I left behind the first time. We headed out just after 10:00. We decided to go a different route: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, AZ. We arrived home Monday afternoon around 2:00. I then headed to the pet resort to pick up my little Tory. She was so excited and has been ever since! It feels good to be home.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here I Come

Well, it's hump day. The temps have dipped down to the 70's w/ lows in the 40's. I've officially broken out my jeans. Tomorrow is the day we head back to NE for a wedding and drive my car back on Sunday. It will be a short, quick, busy trip, but can't wait to see the fam for the few hours I'll actually be there. Thursday we'll be in Wymore NE to see J's mom. We'll head back sometime Friday afternoon, change into our rehearsal gear and head over to that for the rest of night and do some partying afterwards. The wedding is at 3 on Saturday so this will take up Saturday evening and we'll do some more partying Saturday night after the reception. Sunday morning we'll head back to AZ driving my car down. It's been weird not to drive my own car, I miss it.

Today I had to take my dog to a kennel for her 5 night stay. It's hard to find vet clinics that board dogs. I was lucky to find a great place called Ocitillo Pet Clinic and Pet Resort. It's so nice! She'll be in a 5x5 room w/ her own air conditioning vent and a radio to listen to. They feed them twice a day and take them out twice a day, unless specified different. They provide the dog bowls and a cot for sleeping, but you can bring in your own. She had to get her bordetella shot before being boarded; she's never had one her entire life and they are required in order to board your pet to prevent kennel cough. It was sad to see her leave and I hope it goes OK.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Aunt Lena's Creamery is great! I tried out the pineapple gelato in a waffle cone. It was really refreshing w/ great taste. I tried many samples such as, caramel apple, apple pie, and white chocolate. Too many to choose from, they have 150 different flavors throughout the year. I'm already anticipating going back for another flavor soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gentlemen, Start your Engines!

It was Nascar time on Sunday and what a day it was! I love to drive fast and have a bit of a lead foot so naturally I'm going to love watching live racing. I like to watch it on T.V. and love the few moments they give you the "rev up time" where you can turn up your speakers and listen to the cars whiz by w/out any announcing. Seeing it live, I can hear it the whole time :) The parking lot was nothing but trucks, semis and RVs w/ flags hanging above them. Apparently there is a special flag pole you buy to put in the back of your ride so that you can hang the American flag along w/ your favorite race car driver and the occasional state flag alongside. You follow the large amounts of people streaming into all of the action. There wasn't any traffic going to the race; we arrived about 10:00. The front entrance is full of stuff to buy, then you enter through w/ your tickets and surround yourself w/ food vendors and more merchandise sales and lots of things for you to check out or get your hands on. The race was exciting w/ never a dull moment around. The weather was interesting though. It was already a windy day. It started off really warm, then during the race dark clouds covered and it started to rain along w/ the cold wind. After the rain passed the sun came back out, but it was chilly the rest of the time. Once the sun went down it was down right cold. We had on shorts and t-shirts, but I did bring a sweatshirt w/ me since the morning was chilly. Now I know why everyone I saw was wearing jeans and long sleeves. I thought they were crazy at first, now that seemed like a good idea. Once the race was over everyone was herded to their cars like cattle. We walked amongst the drunks who could barely walk, the guys mooing like cows and the terrible wind blowing dirt into our eyes for 30 minutes until we arrived to the car. I'd say the only terrible-unexpected thing that happened w/ the Nascar was that I didn't really see any mullets or the hicks that I anticipated which meant the people watching wasn't nearly fun. Maybe because we're on the west coast and that could be more of a Midwest thing. Oh well, it was a great time and hope I can do it again sometime.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Skip and Jan's

Saturday was a busy day for us, actually the whole weekend was. It was great! We started off going to the Sun Lakes car show, free hot dog w/ pop. Headed to Tempe to a NE bar called Skip and Jan's to watch the game. What a game it was! The best played game so far. The bar was filled w/ red w/ the exception of maybe four older folks betting on the horse races. After the win we headed home to get ready for karaoke at the Sun Lakes country club. It was some intense karaoke as they put everything into it. There is complimentary popcorn and you can purchase hot dogs or pizza and of course the drinks were flowing. (I was the sober DD since J spent the day drinking at Skip and Jan's and continued through the night). The karaoke was entertaining as I thought it would be.

We haven't had our A.C. unit on for over a week due to the lower temps. In fact it's chilly in the house. I've had to break out the warm gear for the night time. We haven't turned our furnace on yet either. Good stuff!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When the Shit Hits the Fan

Two fans that is. Yesterday Uncle B put up our living room fan- light combo. Took a while, but it was finished. I love this fan; it's quiet, has great lighting and blows a good wind. Today, ceiling fan number two was installed in the dining room. A few complications later, it was also finished. This fan is classy looking w/ a light combo as well. It too is quiet, has a lot of wind and provides great light.

Meanwhile the weather here has cooled off. This is the cool down that you hear everyone talk about. It's upper 70's; but it's chilly in the shade. Anything below 70 and I'm cold. I'm actually wearing a sweatshirt and pants!

I'm looking forward to going to the Nascar race on Sunday. It's something I've always wanted to do and now that I'm in a state that can host it, perhaps this won't be my last race I'll see.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Driving

Sunday November 2nd started out w/ some donuts and cleaning. Around 1:00 we headed out. We wanted to take a drive around to check out some other surrounding towns. We headed down and passed through Queen Creek, lots of cool sites along the way. We continued down to Anthem. We were thinking of buying a house down there a while back. It's a new up and coming town. The only problem is, it's a little far to commute to a job since you'd have to come up to Chandler or Phoenix for work. In about 10 years that town will be hopping. We decided to stop at an Open House to check a big one out. It had 6 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths w/ tons of storage and extra rooms. The kitchen was fantastic! A spiral staircase to the 2nd level which held the bedrooms w/ enormous closets and bathrooms. The place was fantastic and w/ it being only about a year old, never lived in, 3000 sq ft, it had a great low price of $329,000. You can't get that much house, that new, never lived in price around here. Anyway, we continued on to the town of Florence which houses a large prison/correction facility. We got a good look at what a prison looks like from the outside since it is right off the highway into town. Then we headed to Coolidge. Coolidge holds the famous Casa Grande Ruins. We stopped to take a look, but didn't go through the tour. We headed down to check out the town and ate at a diner called Tads. Fried chicken special it was for me. Great food! After that we headed on home. It was 5:00 and the sun was shining on the tops of the San Tan mountains as we crossed through the Indian reservation. AZ has some of the most beautiful sunsets and views. It looks cool to see the cactus in the background w/ the mountains and the sun setting.

Saturday Scattered Fun

Halloween went pretty smoothly. We had 30 trick or treater's in an hour and a half. We had already decided that when 8:00 came along we'd call it night as long as there wasn't a consistant amount of kids coming and go eat. We used our Garcia's gift card and headed for some Mexican food. Imagine that, more Mexican food. We eat a lot of Mexican food around here, but we love it and there is some great places to eat it.

Saturday was a pretty busy day. We got up early and headed over to Sun Lakes by 9:00, which is where Uncle B lives. They were having a bizarre/flea market thing. We walked around there and checked out the old items that I could remember my parents having. We had some laughs and saw some interesting things. After a couple hours there, we headed over to Cheeseburger Cheeseburger for lunch. Next door to that is Aunt Leena's Creamery, we haven't checked that out yet, but it's always busy and we hear they have great ice cream. In fact, the place was featured on Guy's: Diners, Drive In's and Dives; one of my favorite shows on the Food Network. I'll report on that place soon, I'm sure I'll be hitting it up shortly. After lunch J and I headed to The Home Depot.
"Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time." (Frank the Tank from Old School)
We needed to buy two fans, one for the living room and one for the dining room. We've been looking at fans for a while now and pretty much knew which ones we wanted. On the way in we were stopped by a guy selling A.C. unit repairs, he talked our ears off about anything and everything. Meanwhile Bob the manager noticed J's NE shirt and introduced himself. Bob is from Skyler NE, so we chatted w/ him for a bit. We finally broke free from all the chatter and headed to the fans/lighting. We grabbed our fans and down rods and headed over to get some doorknobs. Our house was missing two doorknobs, one to the master bedroom and one for the master closet. We replaced the master bedroom, closet and toilet knobs w/ a nice brushed nickel knob which replaced the outdated gold ones. Someday we'll switch out the rest of the knobs in the house. We finally reached home where we settled for the night, watching the NE game.

It was an interesting memorable Saturday. Everywhere we go, we meet the most interesting people or see the funniest things.

*Frank the Tank quote is dedicated to Frank from work-if he still reads this. Go Frank the Tank!