Monday, November 10, 2008

Gentlemen, Start your Engines!

It was Nascar time on Sunday and what a day it was! I love to drive fast and have a bit of a lead foot so naturally I'm going to love watching live racing. I like to watch it on T.V. and love the few moments they give you the "rev up time" where you can turn up your speakers and listen to the cars whiz by w/out any announcing. Seeing it live, I can hear it the whole time :) The parking lot was nothing but trucks, semis and RVs w/ flags hanging above them. Apparently there is a special flag pole you buy to put in the back of your ride so that you can hang the American flag along w/ your favorite race car driver and the occasional state flag alongside. You follow the large amounts of people streaming into all of the action. There wasn't any traffic going to the race; we arrived about 10:00. The front entrance is full of stuff to buy, then you enter through w/ your tickets and surround yourself w/ food vendors and more merchandise sales and lots of things for you to check out or get your hands on. The race was exciting w/ never a dull moment around. The weather was interesting though. It was already a windy day. It started off really warm, then during the race dark clouds covered and it started to rain along w/ the cold wind. After the rain passed the sun came back out, but it was chilly the rest of the time. Once the sun went down it was down right cold. We had on shorts and t-shirts, but I did bring a sweatshirt w/ me since the morning was chilly. Now I know why everyone I saw was wearing jeans and long sleeves. I thought they were crazy at first, now that seemed like a good idea. Once the race was over everyone was herded to their cars like cattle. We walked amongst the drunks who could barely walk, the guys mooing like cows and the terrible wind blowing dirt into our eyes for 30 minutes until we arrived to the car. I'd say the only terrible-unexpected thing that happened w/ the Nascar was that I didn't really see any mullets or the hicks that I anticipated which meant the people watching wasn't nearly fun. Maybe because we're on the west coast and that could be more of a Midwest thing. Oh well, it was a great time and hope I can do it again sometime.

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