Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Music Madness

The one thing I've come to realize about the time change we don't honor is that some of the T.V. shows I watch like The Hills isn't on until late now. It used to be 10:00, which was tolerable, but now it's 11:00, which is hard for me to stay up to watch these days. Now, I'm passing the time until The Real Housewives of O.C. come on at 11:00. While many Nebraskans are currently watching it, I have to wait.

I can't wait to buy the new Nickelback and Guns & Roses Cd. Generally, I rush out to buy them immediately since they are way cheaper, but I had to hold back due to not having a job and the Cd isn't a need it's a want. The fact that G&R can only be bought at Best Buy sucks. This Cd is going to be a major buy for Christmas and probably will continuously be out of stock. For some reason I find that Best Buy always runs out of Cd's quickly, like they don't anticipate the demand and barely keep enough on the shelves. I'll probably stick to Itunes to purchase it is my thought. Now, Nickelback finally put up their tour and they are coming to Omaha on St. Patricks day. That will be one drunk-fest! But it is on a Tuesday, which isn't the best day for a concert. I'm disappointed that they haven't scheduled one for Phoenix (yet?). Their schedule starts at the end of February and goes through April so far, so I'm still holding out hope. I've been to their last two concerts and I've loved them. This tour will feature Seether and Saving Able. It's bad enough I want to badly see AC/DC in which is coming soon-too soon; December 10. The ticket price is a screaming $96.93 and that would probably be a nose bleed section. I told J that's all I wanted for Christmas ;) I'm not so sure I'm going to get wish though. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE music. I have over 200 Cd's and have my Ipod full (which I barely listen to anymore-the only good thing about having a desk job) Another Cd I want to purchase is The All American Rejects; these guys are straight out of Oklahoma, but have fun-good music.

Tonight J and I priced out some Christmas trees. Those fake things are expensive! We found a 7.5 footer pre-lit that we like, but it's $149.00. So we'll see, maybe we'll have one this year, maybe we won't. I'll be putting out my Christmas decorations this weekend though!

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