Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, it was a busy, quick trip back to the Midwest. Early Thursday morning we hopped in the plane and made our way to cold-windy NE. Went to lunch w/ my parents, hung out w/ my nephews then headed to Wymore to spend the night w/ J's mom. It was a dark-rainy-windy-cold ride there. Arrived back at my parents house on Friday around 2. Got ready for the rehearsal and was on our way up to Omaha at 5. Stopped by to pick up Anand, J's old roommate in Chicago, and headed to the church. After the rehearsal, a dinner was supplied at Farmer Browns in Waterloo. We stayed until 9:15, then made our way across the river to Council Bluffs Amerisports bar to meet some of my friends to party w/ Lemon Fresh Day. We had a great time and closed the bar.

Woke up early from my parents on Saturday and I took J up to Anand so that they could get their tuxes and get to the church for pictures and the ceremony to follow. I took the time to do some shopping for hair products and Christmas presents. Time got away from me and I had to rush home to get ready for the afternoon/night. I finally made it to the wedding and we then made our way to the reception. After the reception Anand, J and I met some friends at Muldoons Pub to settle for the night.

Up and around Sunday morning was the hardest. My mom made breakfast for us as I finished packing up the car w/ some leftover items I left behind the first time. We headed out just after 10:00. We decided to go a different route: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, AZ. We arrived home Monday afternoon around 2:00. I then headed to the pet resort to pick up my little Tory. She was so excited and has been ever since! It feels good to be home.

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Jess said...

Thanks for calling to let me know you were not only in town but AT AMERISPORTS ON FRIDAY NIGHT.
Geez, guess I see where I rank!!!