Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Brew Time!

Well, the job front has been hectic and stressful. Last week I had an interview, I would have been contracted out until Sept. 2009 through a company called Sykes on the behalf of Countrywide. Since Bank of America took over Countrywide, this is the reason the job would be short lived. It is a call center job taking incoming calls, answering questions and trying to sell products. It was a good interview and I was offered the job on the spot, however, I told them I needed to talk it over w/ J before accepting the position. Their eyes bulged like they've never been shot down before. They were anticipating to do the orientation right then and there. The job didn't offer me anything, the hours sucked, it would take about 30 minutes to drive each way and they made me feel like I was swearing on an imaginary bible that I'd never quit before the contract ended or ever be gone a day. J told me to decline it and I didn't want to take that job since I just need a paycheck to get by until I found one I liked. So the search continues. I've applied to allot of places and they just aren't hiring. I'll call and follow up and they tell me to call back in a couple weeks or the manager isn't in so I'd have to call the next day or someone takes a message and I never get a call back. It seems harder to get a job down here rather than NE.

Today was luck of the draw though. After applying at a Hi Health (compared to GNC) and Target I decided to stop by Red White and Brew on the way home to see if they happened to need a bartender. I completed their simple application, the chick went to get the manager, I met the manager and she basically said she desperately needed a bartender. Plain and simple, no interview needed, she asked if I could start this Friday at 4. Um, OK. I'd be a bartender, but I have to start out as a server, which is mostly to learn the menu. Well, I just need to suck it up and try to get through a few weeks of that so I can move on to the bartending. I've never waitressed before and not sure I'll be that good at it. I mean, I've done fast food for 4 years, but it's not the same. My homework is to study the menu and memorize it. I also have to get liquor certified and a food and handling certificate which involves taking a test. At least I have 3o days to complete that and both of those will be beneficial in the future if I need to use them elsewhere. This will hopefully be quick money for me until I find the ideal job. Now I need to go shopping for a white collared shirt and all black shoes for my server job (I already have some black pants to wear). As the bartender, they supply a long sleeved logo shirt-that will be much better. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

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