Monday, November 24, 2008

Missing Pieces

I forgot to report on a new bar/restaurant we tried on Saturday. Majerle's sports bar is located next to the Chandler mall. We met Kendra there and I had the best club sandwich!

We had a relative of J's uncle come over to see the house that afternoon. I made a spinach dip to snack on and we chatted it up. They brought us a night house warming gift of Corona, glass cactus and a hummingbird feeder. Apparently the hummingbirds stay all year round. Now I need to get a Sheppard's hook to hang it from and get a brush to clean the feeder w/. This will be my new hobby: attracting the hummingbird, making the sweet nectar for it-1 part sugar w/ 4 parts water, maintaining the food in order to maintain the hummingbird. I've already spent some time researching it online. I found out that two neighbors have hummingbirds so someday they might just find their way over to my crib. I'll keep you informed on this project...

After we chatted it up w/ our visitors, we met another neighbor and checked out his pool and cool landscaped yard as he gave us tips and information about cactus, pools, hummingbirds, smoking meat, motion-detected solar light, and his love of ice cream. We headed to Marjerle's, but was home before 10:00. Overall, it was a good Saturday afternoon, the morning was spent cleaning the house of course. Sadly, fell asleep on the couch missing Tim McGraw on SNL.

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