Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weigh In

When I had Tory in the pet resort they weighed her. Last time I weighed her was in the summer and she was 9 pounds. This time she's 7 pounds. I'd like to think the walks we've been doing has helped allot. A Chihuahua should weigh 6 pounds. The diet food she's on probably helps too. Although I don't notice any weight lose, in fact, I thought she looked as though she gained weight. I haven't lost any weight from these walks. I want to though. J busted out a jump rope the other day. Starting today I've decided to include jump roping after the walk. When I was little, I used to jump rope forever, everyday. Now I can barely breath and don't last very long. I figure I'll work my way up the rope. I really need to get that bicycle.

Yesterday, we received the headboard and foot board to our bed. It fits the room well and looks beautiful. It's a sleigh bed w/ brown leather on the headboard and foot board. When I first saw the bed and the set, I knew it was the right one and fell in love w/ all of the detail and the fact that it had everything I've wanted and been looking for. We seem to have a problem w/ bedding these days though. The queen bed has a queen size comforter on it, but it's not long enough to cover the sides of the bed. We are having the same problem w/ the king bed. The king sheets and king comforter are too small. The sheets are the ones w/ extra pocket for the thicker mattresses. Why do you have to buy the next biggest size in order for it to fit?! So now we'll have to invest in a California king bedding set someday, they aren't cheap either and can be hard to find. If they are going to make mattresses thicker/bigger they need to make the sheets and comforter to fit them. Annoying!!

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So where are the pics of these?