Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here I Come

Well, it's hump day. The temps have dipped down to the 70's w/ lows in the 40's. I've officially broken out my jeans. Tomorrow is the day we head back to NE for a wedding and drive my car back on Sunday. It will be a short, quick, busy trip, but can't wait to see the fam for the few hours I'll actually be there. Thursday we'll be in Wymore NE to see J's mom. We'll head back sometime Friday afternoon, change into our rehearsal gear and head over to that for the rest of night and do some partying afterwards. The wedding is at 3 on Saturday so this will take up Saturday evening and we'll do some more partying Saturday night after the reception. Sunday morning we'll head back to AZ driving my car down. It's been weird not to drive my own car, I miss it.

Today I had to take my dog to a kennel for her 5 night stay. It's hard to find vet clinics that board dogs. I was lucky to find a great place called Ocitillo Pet Clinic and Pet Resort. It's so nice! She'll be in a 5x5 room w/ her own air conditioning vent and a radio to listen to. They feed them twice a day and take them out twice a day, unless specified different. They provide the dog bowls and a cot for sleeping, but you can bring in your own. She had to get her bordetella shot before being boarded; she's never had one her entire life and they are required in order to board your pet to prevent kennel cough. It was sad to see her leave and I hope it goes OK.


Shelia said...

I take it no luck on the job search yet?

Victoria said...

I've had an interview but declined it for many reasons. I've had a couple other interviews; just playing the waiting game now.