Sunday, November 9, 2008

Skip and Jan's

Saturday was a busy day for us, actually the whole weekend was. It was great! We started off going to the Sun Lakes car show, free hot dog w/ pop. Headed to Tempe to a NE bar called Skip and Jan's to watch the game. What a game it was! The best played game so far. The bar was filled w/ red w/ the exception of maybe four older folks betting on the horse races. After the win we headed home to get ready for karaoke at the Sun Lakes country club. It was some intense karaoke as they put everything into it. There is complimentary popcorn and you can purchase hot dogs or pizza and of course the drinks were flowing. (I was the sober DD since J spent the day drinking at Skip and Jan's and continued through the night). The karaoke was entertaining as I thought it would be.

We haven't had our A.C. unit on for over a week due to the lower temps. In fact it's chilly in the house. I've had to break out the warm gear for the night time. We haven't turned our furnace on yet either. Good stuff!

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