Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Short, but to be continued...

It's been a while since I've been on here. J's family has been visiting for the past week so we've been keeping busy. I've neglected the gym for at least 2 weeks, minus the 2 times I went to the Body Pump class in the last 2 weeks. Oh well, I just haven't been motivated for the gym lately and I'm sure next week I'll be back at it next week.

Sunday we took a drive out to Wickenburg which is about an hour or so from Chandler. It's an old western looking town. It's pretty charming with a lot of little cafes and restaurants there. We decided to stop at the Golden Nugget for an afternoon snack. They served homemade pie, so apple it was! Along with their soup special, chicken noodle. It was all great! Afterwards we headed across the street to Traders J's for souvenirs.

That's all I have for now. Time to go to bed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bitter Taste

Anybody been watching that Newlywed show on ABC? Nothing beats the Newlywed game show, but this show is pretty funny too.

I've been in a gym slump lately. I've been good about going to the Body Pump class on Thursdays, but the rest of the week has been unmotivated. Lately I've been real busy doing things around the house that I'm too tired to go workout. I've actually cut way back on my portions and I've lost a couple of pounds. It seems like on weekends I'll gain a pound back, but at least I'm maintaining. I'd still like to lose 5 more pounds and work on muscle tone.

Ever since I gave up coffee for lent, I have hated my Folgers coffee and the crap they have at work (even though I used to water it down at work-it was like drinking oil). I'm still all about the fancy coffee from coffee places, my favorite is always a white chocolate mocha. But it's weird how I don't want it as much as before. I've been drinking hot tea again at work and it tastes really good with a dab of sugar of course.

My new patio chairs came in today! Good ol' Ace Hardware. This completes the set, I had only two chairs and a table. Now I hope I can find the same cushions as I have on the other two chairs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Bit of Relaxing

A pretty relaxing weekend it was. The week went pretty fast at work, but work is work. I scored some good deals on fruit from the store on Wednesday. They had pineapples for $1, strawberries for $1.99, head of lettuce for $1, bag of baby carrots $1 and other various fruits and vegetables less than $3. I think I'm going to go back for more strawberries. I want to make a strawberry pie (for the first time). Friday night J and I ate at Chili's. I haven't been there since High School! It was pretty tasty.

Saturday we ate breakfast down the street at Carden's Cafe and Bakery. They recently closed up and now it's back open. They serve breakfast and lunch, sell their own coffee beans and bread on the side. It was inexpensive and a good experience. We spent most of Saturday doing house stuff. I stopped over at Target to buy a deck storage box, they are less than $100. I recommend buying one if you have lots of outdoor stuff like me to hide away. I actually keep our pool towels in there also.

Saturday night we decided to try out Tailgaters Grill in Gilbert. We had no idea it would be packed full of UFC fans or that there was even a fight happening. We got the last little table in the corner. I had an awesome buffalo chicken salad and J opted for the chicken fingers with fries. The food was good and the place was cool. It's only been open for a month or so and business seemed to be booming. Dessert was at Sonic.

Sunday I started off with Starbucks. For some reason I had a hard time waking up even after sleeping in til 8:30. I washed my car and did massive house cleaning while J met up with a few guys for golf. Overall the weekend was nice and calm. This weekend J's family will be here so i imagine we'll be pretty busy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hooray for Weekends!

Update from Friday...Jim Breuer and his warm up comic relief were great!! It felt so good to laugh so hard after a long-drawn out-stressful work week. Jim didn't do his goatboy impression, but he was still great. I was not a fan of the Tempe Improv one bit. Getting the over 21 wristband and tickets were fine. It was the fact they try to cram a ton of people in a tiny area. You're sitting on top of each other badly. Service was terrible too. It took about 10 minutes for a waitress to come take our drink order (vanilla wafer martini) and about 8 minutes to receive it. We put our food order in right away, but that took 30 minutes for a half order of nachos. The waitress never came back until last call which by the time you would have received your last call drink you would have had to slam it. Getting out was chaotic too, we hung at our table until most of the crowd left. It's a shame they don't have a bigger place for our great comedians to perform.

Friday was also an after work gathering at Dos Gringos. I knew I'd only be able to have one drink since I needed to make it home for Jim Breuer, but our department manager showed up and ordered a round. So two vanilla vodka-diets later, I'm giddy and pretty much drunk. After Jim Breuer at 10:00, we went back to Dos to meet up with the rest of the partiers who stuck around. Two more vanilla vodka-diets later we headed next door to Iguana Mack's. Iguana's was packed just like Dos, however, they both had a different crowd. The drinks were more expensive at Iguana's and the crowd was dirtier. Although they did have a DJ and a dance floor. I ordered my last drink of the night and we sat outside for about an hour before I knew it was time for me to be home. The car ride was bad for me, but enjoyed being home, motion free with the toilet.

Saturday was slow going at first for me, but I had to get to my 9:45 massage appointment. Again, a great way to end the stressful work week. I also had my 3rd chiro adjustment. Then it was off to some minor errands. We spent the rest of Saturday at home, relaxing and doing house stuff. Later that night we went to On the Border to fulfill J's Mexican food craving. It was such a beautiful perfect -weather- night to sit outside. It was our first time going to this restaurant and we had a great experience and good food. They are a chain restaurant, so their Mexican food isn't as authentic as some of our favorite Mexican restaurants, but this place was decent. Sonic for dessert to end our night.

Sunday was a big sleep in day. We had breakfast at Denny's then stopped at a few open houses in the area. The rest of the day was spent laying next to the pool and hanging out at home.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Short One

What's been going on this week? Well, work has been sucking, I didn't go to the gym on Tuesday, I drank instead, or on Wednesday, just lazy. Therefore, I didn't go to the new class like I said I would.

Tomorrow J and I are going to the Tempe Improv to see Jim Breuer. Yes, GOATBOY from SNL! I think this is going to be great! I'll let you know how it goes.

Tonight I'm headed to the Body Pump class.