Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bitter Taste

Anybody been watching that Newlywed show on ABC? Nothing beats the Newlywed game show, but this show is pretty funny too.

I've been in a gym slump lately. I've been good about going to the Body Pump class on Thursdays, but the rest of the week has been unmotivated. Lately I've been real busy doing things around the house that I'm too tired to go workout. I've actually cut way back on my portions and I've lost a couple of pounds. It seems like on weekends I'll gain a pound back, but at least I'm maintaining. I'd still like to lose 5 more pounds and work on muscle tone.

Ever since I gave up coffee for lent, I have hated my Folgers coffee and the crap they have at work (even though I used to water it down at work-it was like drinking oil). I'm still all about the fancy coffee from coffee places, my favorite is always a white chocolate mocha. But it's weird how I don't want it as much as before. I've been drinking hot tea again at work and it tastes really good with a dab of sugar of course.

My new patio chairs came in today! Good ol' Ace Hardware. This completes the set, I had only two chairs and a table. Now I hope I can find the same cushions as I have on the other two chairs.

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