Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Things

Halloween has come and gone. I put all the decorations away on Sunday. Now the house is all clear for LED lights! We had 44 trick or treaters. The costume trends were pirates and ninjas. We only had one without a costume and 1 adult dressed up as a Rock 'N' Roll Dad, complete with long black curly wig, hat, and his real tattoos; reminded me of Slash. He also had his own bag to catch treats in, that mooch!

The temperatures have finally risen back up. Last Wednesday was only in the 50's! Can you imagine going from 90's one day to 50's the next?! At least it came back up to the 90's, I'm not ready for the coolness.

Saturday I found some more nifty items from Goodwill. (we went to the NE football game Saturday morning at the bar, which is next to a Goodwill) I found a few more Fourth of July items and a set of Christmas spreaders. A few more Southwestern items as well. The spreaders will come in handy for a Christmas party we're planning on having.

We've notice a trend lately. Restaurant-bars are having all day happy hours on Sundays. It makes it a good deal to eat out for half price and still be able to have a good time. We figure if we're going to eat out once a week, we may as well do it on Sunday and get if half off! Unless we have a coupon for another restaurant, which usually consist of buy one entree get one free. We use those all of the time!

Lately we have been doing the wedding planning. Looking for hotels and restaurants. Too many to choose from which makes for a lot of Internet-researching time. It can be frustrating!

And lastly, we're headed back to NE this weekend for a wedding and quick family time.

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