Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Deals

Looking for some good deals?

Target has Angel Soft toilet paper, 36 double rolls for $15.99. You can pair that with the $1 off coupon for your $14.99 total. I had a $5 gift card so the total for me was $10.99 (already used my $1 off coupon last month). Pay attention when Target offers a $5 gift card on some of their items, they come in handy later on. I got the gift card for buying 2 Vaseline pump lotions, I also had a $1 off coupon for the lotions. They have a few gift card deals going on now. If you buy 2 packages of Chinet plates you will receive the $5 gift card, those plates can come in handy for Thanksgiving or Christmas...

Amazon has Bon Jovi's new CD for $3.99!
Also, Pinks Funhouse for $3.99! I've not downloaded from Amazon before or bought a CD from them, but I might just have to buy Pinks album.

Walgreens has Blistex chapstick on sale for $.99 and you can pair it with the current Blistex coupon for a grand total of only $.49! I'll be hitting that up since that is the kind of chapstick I use daily.

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