Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Part Two

Saturday at 12:30 we began our drive down to AZ. Going through western NE was very pretty. I didn't know what to expect. We arrived in Colorado around 6ish and decided to stop outside of Denver in a town called Castle Rock. We got a room and set down the street to eat at Rockyard Brewing Company and caught the last 7 minutes of the NE football game. This place was fantastic! (I compare it to Lazlos) We were so tired, we just went back to the room and crashed. The next morning we awoke around 7:30 and ate some breakfast from the hotel and headed back out at 9:00. The rest of the drive through Colorado was so beautiful. I was surprised with the lack of poverty between Colorado Springs and the border. Lots of shacks and double wides. I wasn't even sure if people really lived in most of those dumps, but I guess this stuff is everywhere. We passed by tons of ranches. When we hit the New Mexico border the scenery was still beautiful from the mountains and trees. The trees were already turning colors. We stoped just inside the NM border and grabbed a bite to eat, or lets say I grabbed a bite to eat. Afterall, it was 1:00 Central time, time to eat for me! Many, many, many hours later we arrived at the Arizona border. The sun was beginning to set and it was 7:30 in AZ time. We kept going until we ran out of daylight, then stopped at Holcomb for a bite to eat, a tank fill up and some stretching. Midnight or two Central we arrived at our home destination of Chandler and parked the Uhaul at his uncles where we stayed for the night.

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