Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today's temperature was low and I must say I've adapted to the warm sun and it was chilly. The temp now is 64 and windy. The high was about 77 w/ a low of 55. Tomorrow won't be any warmer. I guess winter is settling in now! Today J and I met Kendra at her friends house in Scottsdale to watch the NE game. All, but one were from NE. After the loss, J and I stopped to check out the Chandler Fashion Center on our way home. The mall is huge! It also has valet parking, but you have to pay $6 for the service. Our new qwest is to find a furniture store and price out bedroom furniture. It's weird how we can't seem to find any furniture stores around here. It's not like you have your default NFM to turn to. I guess we just need to pull out the phone book and start going down the list.

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