Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mix and Match

I think it's about time for a Saved by the Bell reunion! Every morning I watch the reruns and it never gets old. It's on for 2 hours, by the time I wake up I'm able to catch the last hour. It's just something about the show that I love. That's when T.V. shows were good and this one was the best Saturday morning show around; Garfield was the 2nd best; third had to be The Smurfs. I could go on and on about the good weekday shows, but the list is long. Which of the Save by the Beller's do you think pulled it off best w/ their career? Apparently, Screech AKA Dustin Diamond, came out w/ a book about on the set which included drugs and wild parties. Also, Zack AKA John Paul Gosselaar, dated all the chicks, naturally. He's still a hottie!

Anyway, not much going in this part of the world today. Tomorrow we are heading to the AZ State Fair to see the Old School Jam. Uncle B's girlfriend won 2 free tickets to it and since they are already going to see Tina Turner, they gave the tickets to us. I was stoked! I wanted to go to see this show anyway. Featuring: Naughty By Nature, Ton Loc, Coolio, Young MC, Klymaxx, Club Nouveau, Timex Social Club. WooHoo!

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