Thursday, October 2, 2008


The pool boy came today. Sorry ladies, he's not a looker, but he's nice. Today was filled with more unpacking. The kitchen is completely done! Tomorrow I need to actually buy some food from the grocery store. We've gone to the Albertsons down the street the past two nights and it was mostly to buy something to drink and donuts for breakfast. My sister bought us a housewarming gift that will arrive on Monday. A Costco card! We were going to get one anyway, but it sure makes an excellent gift. Tomorrow I'm going to check out The Chandler Mall. The mall is really big and looks nice. I'm mostly going over there to go to one of my favorite stores: Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm going to hopefully get a blind for our master bath and price out some curtains and rods. Today we also got our mailbox keys. It had to be re-keyed since all of the mailboxes are located in a central location. Yesterday we also met a couple of our neighbors, Jay and Andre. They both have kids and a bunch of dogs. Well, I've put out all kinds of randomness in this blog. We're going to head out for some Mexican food!

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