Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Arizona State Fair

I started this blog last night, but saved it as a draft instead of writing. I wanted to describe the concert I saw last night: Old School Jam. Instead I've decided not to go into detail about it. I actually have thought about writing this blog for a while w/ all the details included. I realized it would be one huge ass blog if I did that. Here's the sum of it: we were two of the probably 50 white people there; the only one that was worth seeing was Coolio and he was second to the last to perform (esp since he was the only one I really wanted to see); the others were snoozeville and tacky; I hate the fact that Young MC came out rapping about MySpace for about 5 mins; Ton Loc didn't show up (I guess after not performing for 15 years took a tole on him-ha); Coolio rocked the Joint! he's 45 and still dresses like he was when he was da bomb, but he's skinner and he has a CD coming out soon-Steel Here. The rest isn't much to report on; I could go on about the tacky clothes or dancing. I mean all of these people are old and still act/talk/dress/walk like they are 20! But it makes me think that when I'm 45, I'm going to see if I can pull off looking/acting/dressing like I'm 25! haha

The fair was awesome! It was the largest one I've been to. We got there at 4:30 (if you get there before 5 it's only $5 for admission) and checked out the petting zoo. Takes me back to my childhood. Then we wondered aimlessly to the fair in awe as we realized it just kept on going back further. Food, games, rides, souvenirs, flea market type stuff, more food, rides and some entertainment. We watched a demolition derby before heading to see the concert. Of course what's a fair w/out good people watching!?!

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