Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Part One

It's recap time! Lets start with last Friday. J and I packed the 26 foot Uhaul from 9:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. The truck was a brand new one and it wasn't so bad looking I must say. We loaded up my stuff first from the storage unit. That was a piece of cake, but moving his things weren't. First off going up and down three flights of stairs is not fun and I thought my legs would thank me for it, but they weren't. We were supposed to have a "friend" come after he got off from work and help us load up the truck. We mainly just needed help with the heavy leather couch, a recliner and the T.V., so we weren't asking for much. That help was a no show, no call. I was so upset and felt betrayed. Luckily, the couple on the second floor was moving also so the guy's brother ended up helping J with the couch. Thank goodness for that! Then a co-worker stopped by around 7 with her husband as they were going to buy my full size mattress and J's recliner. They ended up helping us, which was such a blessing since it was a big time saver! I think they felt bad for us, but they left with J's years worth of Playboys for free and found a bookcase by the dumpster, so they made out like a bandit! At 9, I said we needed to stop and go to bed. We already had our "weekend bags" packed and had planned on sleeping at my parents for the night. So we headed down to Plattsmouth. We awoke to some nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast before heading up to finish the final touches. We finally left the apartment at noon on Saturday for the long haul down.

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