Friday, October 10, 2008

Red White and Brew

I love the 70's! This is what I'm watching on VH1. I've seen the 80's one and loved it. I find these entertaining and educational. I wish I grew up in the 70's and got to experience the carefree living. Thing's have changed so much and I always wish it would go back to the good ol' days. Some 80's style of clothing are coming back though. If you're looking to start wearing some 80's clothes again, go to American Apparel in downtown Omaha, next to Urban Outfitters and The Slowdown. That store brought back many memories of some of the clothes my mom put me in when I was growing up. You can get your acid wash jeans, leg warmers, body suits and all the spandex you can handle! Anyway, today I got my hair colored. It looks great! A nice highlighting look. I also asked her to use the flat iron on me. I've never used one. So afterwards I headed to the store to buy one for my own use. Jim and Stephanie stopped by to see the house and we all went out to eat at Red White and Brew. It was a good time w/ good food and free dessert.

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