Saturday, October 18, 2008

Larry, John, Doni, Doug

Those are the names of the sales men who helped us today.

After our NE football win, J and I set out to look at more bedroom furniture and stopped by a mattress store. It was a long afternoon. We are finding that the price of the bedroom furniture and the mattresses are more expensive than NFM. We are still hunting for a kitchen table/chairs. It would be nice to have a one-stop-shop instead of finding a table at one place, a mattress at one and a bedroom set at another. We can't find that one-stop-shop here.

On a good note, I found the best-quick supper yet! If you like fettucine Alfredo I found the thing for you! I found an Alfredo kit that is a Macaroni Grill brand and it cost roughly $5. It was enough to feed two people. It is super quick, easy and extremely yummy! The last time I had Alfredo was at Old Chicago about 2 weeks ago; this boxed version was just as good or maybe better than Old Chicago. Go to your store and see if you have it there. I found it in the parmesan cheese area/pasta area. I'll be heading back to grab more! All you need is 1 pound of chicken, ( I used one chicken breast) and the Macaroni Grill Alfredo kit. Takes about 15-20 minutes tops!

Tomorrow (Sunday the 19th) is Swap Meet day in Mesa! It's a giant flea market basically in the middle of the desert. I hope I find some good deals!


Shelia said...

Um, what do your salesmens names have to do with the blog pal? LOL....confused me

Victoria said...

nothing, just the fact that we went through so many of them.