Friday, October 3, 2008

5 Days Down

Well, time has sure flown by since Monday and we've come along way w/ the house already. Last night's Mexican restaurant was awesome! It was a nice, quaint restaurant off of Chandler's main street. Their main street is lined w/ x-mas white lights and the buildings are made to look like old buildings. We didn't get to look or walk around it yet though. Today's high was 91. Yesterday it was 100, so today was a cool off. It was beautiful though! To me the 80's and 90's is perfect weather. Today was filled w/ all kinds of action! I finished unpacking and organizing my closet, put together my desk area and started to unpack the electronics so I'll probably get the surround sound hooked up in time for the NE game. The pest guy named Bob came to spray. Crickets are a nuisance down here. The landscapers came at 11 and left at 6. We had lots of overgrown trees and plants that needed to be taken care of. There was also weeds growing between the rocks and the backyard grass was overgrown. They also took out that tin shed that was on the side of the house. This yard looks amazing now! The mexi's started drinking Bud Light in the afternoon. I took off in the afternoon and headed to Bed Bath & Beyond. The drive was pleasant and quick. Took me about 20 minutes to get there. Which means it will only take me 20 minutes to get to the mall! I spent some time there and purchased several items then went next door to Kirklands to get some house accessories. I hit the jackpot there! That place is always awesome and they had some great items on sale. For pleasure tonight, J and I went to another shopping center down a few miles to a car show. J's uncle has 3 cars he takes to the car shows. So we met him over there and went to Old Chicago for some grub. We met a few folks from NE too. That is the 3rd person I've met since I've been here that is from NE. The first one was the chick standing behind me in line at Super Target. Then it's back to home to get ready for bed. We have fallen into "old folks routine" already. We've been getting up between 6-6:30 AZ time and then we're ready to sleep or we've gone to bed by 9. Although the time difference is messing us up.

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