Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Food

Today was another miscellaneous day. Ate my breakfast, did my walk w/ Tory, got ready for the day, did some home decor shopping at Kirkland's, had some lunch, did some minor unpacking of crap that I don't know if I should throw it away or stash it somewhere, watched my soap opera, sat next to the pool, did my walk w/ Tory to the mailbox and got ready to hit up Costco. For those of you who haven't been to Kirkland's, it is one of my favorite stores. The one in Omaha was way out in Village Point so it wasn't convenient for me. This one is about 20 minutes from me, across from the Chandler Fashion Mall and next to my other favorite store, Bed Bath & Beyond and in front of Costco. So it's in a great location! I've been to Kirkland's twice in one week buying home decor accessories for the house. I love to decorate and I love their prices. They always have a ton of items on clearance and if it's not on clearance it's still a great price and looks fantastic. I highly recommend this store to anyone :) My sister bought us a Costco membership and a $100 gift card for our house warming gift. This was just a thoughtful-fantastic gift! We were going to buy a membership anyway, but this worked out fine. Tonight was Costco night! We picked up Uncle B and headed up there. We had to get our cards and get our picture taken. We decided to get an American Express Costco credit card too. You earn a percent back off of any purchase and there is no annual fee. The Costco gas is $3.15, so when we use our AMEX card we'll get an additional 3% off of gas. Not too shabby. This was J's first experience w/ Costco and he's only been to Sam's a couple of times. So we went down every isle so he could get a good look. Two hours later we checked out then stopped to pick up supper at their food court. $1.50 for a hot dog w/ a drink-what a deal! What a night! Last night we purchased our plane tickets to come back to NE for a wedding. Southwest had a great deal, $98 one way. Jim and his girlfriend, Stephanie are coming to visit us this Friday. It will be nice to visit w/ friends!


Shelia said...

Working yet pal?

Victoria said...

I haven't started on the job front yet. I was able to save my last two bonuses from work so that will get me by for my bills until I find a gig. But getting my hair done is the first step of my 'find a job process'