Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We got a new motor for our pool since it was going bad. It was covered by our Service One warranty which means it only cost $50 for the service fee. The new motor would have been $300. Good stuff.

Tonight we decided to go look for furniture. We need a kitchen table and chairs and a bedroom set. We headed to Ahwatukee to a store called The Room Store to see what we could find. We found a nice bedroom set and met a nice man named Doni. We chatted w/ him for a long time. He was from Indiana and has lived here since 1996; he also gave us his card and said we could call him anytime if we needed to know anything. So naturally, throughout the rest of the night we're making "we should call Doni" jokes. Example, "lets try out Del Taco. Where is one? We should call Doni and ask" or "Doni we can't find our car in the Ikea parking lot, do you know where it is". We're bad, but it was funny. We've established a relationship w/ Doni already. He advised us how many famous people come into The Room Store such as Shaq and how him and Shaq have the same mattress. He was also willing to give us Shaq's address to his Scottsdale home. LOL

After our furniture experience we decided we wanted to check out Ikea. I've seen the catalog before and knew it would be a weird store. It was 8:30 and they close at 9, so we hustled to find it and get in. When you walk in, immediately you have to go up an escalator to the 2nd floor. This place already reminds me of a haunted house or the stairway to heaven. Then you're just overwhelmed and see a monstrosity of stuff all over the place. We just started to follow the arrows on the floor pointing you in a direction. The place is a maze, literally. You then have to follow the Exit signs to get out. It takes you down two flights of stairs, no escalator down to hell. So I imagine myself w/ my Ikea yellow bag full of stuff and falling down the stairs. Keep following the Exit signs and it basically takes you through the entire store and the warehouse and finally the Exit where you have to self-check your items. Not only do you have to find your way through the maze, haul your crap down two flights of stairs, self-check yourself out, but you have to haul it away and get it into your vehicle somehow. Just back the truck up to the Exit doors and load up the car or in the case we saw, a Penske truck being filled up. Ikea furniture looks very uncomfortable, small/short, cheap.

We couldn't find a Del Taco on the way home, so we opted for Jack In The Box instead. My fourth time there! Love that place except their weird mascot.

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