Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Hummingbird!

I had my first Hummingbird today! After taking down my feeder for a week, I decided to put it back up and try it again. I took it down because it was leaking and one of the flowers on it is broken so I had some ants in it.

Friday for lunch I asked J if he wanted to meet me at Sauce for lunch. It's across the street from work and I've heard good things about it. They have pizza, pasta, salads, beer and wine. I opted for the chicken parmesan pizza and J ordered the chicken and broccoli pizza. The price was reasonable and the food was good. That night we went back to Tiggos to watch Ally and the Pinheadz again. Ally taped tin foil on herself as a "shirt", it was interesting.

Saturday was another busy day. I had to get up early to drive to a physicans clinic for a drug test as ordered by Edward Jones. Mind you, I've never done one of these before and It was really weird. There was a bible on the counter in the waiting room, weird signs posted all over the walls, like "throw trash in the trash can" and the so called reception lady was on the phone with a personal call the entire time. I had to put my purse in a locked box, pee up to a certain line and was told to not flush the toilet. The sink and toilet had signs all over them stating to not be used or flushed with red tape covering all the faucets and handles. Afterwards, I signed the paperwork, initialed the pee cup and took my purse out of the box all awhile she was still on the phone. That was it, results should arrive in 3-4 days. Afterwards, we stopped at Savers (a thrift store) since I was told they have some good stock in there. I found a dressy-type blue button down sweater for $5.99 and a blue vase for $4.99. Then we headed to Tropical Smoothie Cafe (my fav smoothie place) for a refreshing smoothie. I generally opt for the Blimey Limey, but today I did my second choice: Paradise Point. If you haven't been to this place, I encourage you to go. When I lived in my apartment in Nebraska there was one across the street from me at the Shadowlake Shopping Center and I frequently went there. They also have sandwhichs, soups, salads and breakfast.

Since it was such a nice sunny day, I thought we should go to the park and play some basketball. So we did, and brought Tory along. At this park there are several playgrounds, you can play horseshoes, basketball, have lunch on the many picnic tables, walk along the walking trails or hang out on the grassy areas. We hung out there for a while, and then we headed back. J napped and I washed my car. Saturday night we decided to check out Dillard’s at the San Tan. We had to check it out because it looks like the biggest Dillard’s we've seen. It was actually pretty busy and it was a great Dillard’s store. Afterwards we walked around a bit and then checked out the giant Barnes and Nobles. It was also very busy. This brings me to my next point... I just don't see a recession. The San Tan is completely packed! Every restaurant and store there was packed. It is every time we go. The Chandler Fashion Mall is the same way, and people ARE buying. But I guess people aren't buying the long term-high priced items, such as cars. I'd like to think that I do my part in keeping the economy going.
I'm looking forward to watching the Superbowl on Sunday. Even though we'll be spending some time moving our furniture getting ready for the tile guys on Monday. So the night should be relaxing.

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