Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mix and Match

Our tile was delivered yesterday and Monday the installers will be coming. I can't wait for it to be complete!

I'd like to start out saying that I cooked my first turkey and made turkey gravy for the first time yesterday. It was so AWESOME! I bought one of those couple pounder Butterball Turkey roasts and cooked it in the slow cooker along with some carrots. I prepared a mini-Thanksgiving. All that was missing was the green bean casserole and stuffing. I made mashed potatoes alongside the turkey and carrots. I feel that I'm all ready to make Thanksgiving dinner now!

Today was quite the day for me. Our systems were really slow at work which meant alot of downtime. I had a one-on-one meeting with my manager for the first time. During my lunch break I drove up to Edward Jones to pick up my offer letter, benefits book and my sheet for the drug testing I have to have completed by Monday. After work I had to make it to my gym for my 5:30 appointment with my trainer, Rick. It was weigh-in and measurement time. I was impressed with myself. Although I may have only lost 1 pound by scale, I've lost 2 inches in my waist, gained muscle in my calves, lost in my thighs, gained muscle in my arms, and lost weight in my chest. Their body fat % thing doesn't work well (they don't use the pinch on the back thing like back in the day) it actually had me gaining a percent. Can't wait to see what my improvement will be next month!

Afterwards, I went to DSW to advise them that I no longer needed a part time job. It was good while it lasted though. Now I'll have my weekends free again!

I'm excited about watching the Superbowl this Sunday. It's pretty cool that the Arizona Cardinals will be playing the same year we came down. We'll be routing for them for sure. We've been invited to a bowl party and I'll be bringing cheese dip.

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