Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday J and I went up to Monterrey Tile to check out different tiles and prices. This will rid the lower level of carpet and replace with nice big tile, easier to keep clean for sure.

The weather was beautiful as well. I busted out my shorts and Tshirt for the day. The night's are still cold, but the daytime highs are in the high 70's. We have misters on our patio area, so I hooked up the hose to it to see if they'd work since we've never tried them out. They worked and it was awesome! That will come in handy in the dead heat of the summer for sure.

Last night, after my 3 hours of working at DSW, J and I headed to try out La Casa Blanca Mexican restaurant (they don't have a web site). It was a quaint looking place with awesome Mexican decor. It's an adobe looking house with an indoor and an outdoor fireplace. There was actually a wedding reception going on outside so the restaurant wasn't busy, but we didn't get there until 8:45. The food and drinks came really quick. The chips were just OK, but their salsa was great! I've noticed down here that every Mexican restaurant we go to they serve chips with salsa and beans. In Nebraska the chips are only served with salsa. The food was just OK, nothing too special. Kinda smaller portions than some of the other Mexican restaurants and the food actually could have been warmer. After supper we headed over to San Tan Brewery to check out another band called JG and the Modrockers Band . The band was good.

I finally have Sunday off from DSW! This will be my day to get things caught up and just RELAX! I don't get Monday-MLK day off, so I'll be making the most of my one day off.

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