Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Elephant Bar

Friday night J and I headed to the Chandler Fashion Mall to see if we could use up some coupons I had for American Eagle. We didn't find anything appealing so I headed over to Merle Norman to buy my makeup. After my purchase, we headed over to Helzberg to take a gander at rings. It went fine but for some reason I think their sales people like to double team. We were fine with having one lady help, but then another butts in and then before you know it they both are yakking and trying to help you. I don't need more than one person and I'm not into casual conversation going on when all I want to do is look and ask questions. It took longer than I had wanted, but it went well.

I've been wanting to check out a bar/restaurant called The Elephant Bar for a while now so we headed over there. The decor was awesome! It was like stepping into a safari. The bar was one large circle, leopard print flooring, animal print booths/chairs and animal sculptures throughout including a giant elephant waterfall coming out of the wall in the entrance. I ordered a fruity drink and decided on the Mahi Mahi Macadamia Nut crusted fried fish and chips with coleslaw. It was very tasty! J orderd the Jambalaya and also thought it was good. I'd highly recommend this place for anyone looking for good food, good atmosphere and great drinks!

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