Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tile Time

There's nothing like eating some Chinese take out and watching The Office! That's what I did tonight.

Today J bought tile for our downstairs. The color name is Travertine Mocha and it's an 18 inch size. We've decided to do the brickwork pattern for the layout. It is being purchased from Monterey Tile (the one we visited last weekend). Our sales guy called to inform us that he sold some already and that if we wanted it, we needed to act quick since they only had enough of that tile for 5000 square feet. We bought 1100 square feet of tile. Throughout the week, we've had 3 guys come in and give us an estimate. We went with the middle of the road guy who is retired from 21 years of the National Guard. He moved to Arizona a few years ago from Maine. The areas to be tiled will be the kitchen, living room, dining room/sitting area, entryway, hallway including the closet and the laundry room. They will need to take up the carpet and the existing tile in the kitchen and entry way. They will be delivering the tile next week and installation should start a couple days later. The picture is our carpet, existing tile and the new Mocha tile.

Yesterday we had our yard sprayed for weeds. Ever since we've had all this rain, weeds have been growing in between the rock in the front and back yard. Hopefully the spray will take care of it.

Tomorrow is my last day of classroom training. Starting next week we'll have "on the job training" (OJT) for 4 weeks. After that we'll be placed in our cubes with our managers and be on our own.

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