Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fall Has Come and Gone

Today I discovered 3 places that upped and closed. All next to each other too. Marcos Pizza, Jamba Juice and Aunt Leena's Creamery (you know the one I blogged about earlier that was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) all in the Fulton Ranch area. I guess Aunt Leena's packed up and left, they were originally from NYC so I guess they went back. What about your faithful Arizona visitors? I'm disappointed. J also read in today's paper that Caraba's will also be closing their doors for "unspecified reasons" at the Alma School Road location. While they keep building more strip malls, the existing ones are becoming just extra space.

Since the frost hit last week, the leaves turned colors and now are falling. It seems weird to see Fall this time of the year, but up North it's defiantly winter. It's nice to know that I will still see the Fall season, one of my favorites.

The gym workouts have been going great! Although I haven't been following that meal plan to the exact, I have been feeling good about it all. If I don't follow the meal plan, I eat whatever I want, but I just cut down the portion size. If you deprive yourself of the food you love you'll end up binging and ruining it all, so eat what you want, just in moderation. You'll burn calories at the gym and in your daily activities anyway. Calories in, calories out!

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