Sunday, January 4, 2009


Bow your heads for Dwight. My little Betta fish died today or sometime in the night. He was found floating at the top of the bowl w/a puffy head. Poor guy, I feel bad and responsible. It had been a while since I'd changed his water. I buried him next to a plant in the front yard this morning. I'll miss the little guy!

Today at DSW I learned the register. I used my DSW 30% discount for the first time today also. It's been hard to hold off this long. I can't get over how much nicer people are here. When I worked retail for Gordmans people were so drab w/ no manners and let their kids run wild and would make tsk tsk noises. People around here don't. They discipline their kids and the kids listen, people are friendly and have manners. Today was a rainy day and you'd think a rainy cloudy day would make a person kinda down, but people like the rain here. Not to mention alot of the people are from out of town, so they are probably happy being away from their stressful homes, but even the locals are friendly. It's easy to start a conversation w/ anyone and I'm not that outgoing of a person. One thing I love is the fact that I know no one. I find myself looking around and sometimes doing a double look because I think they are a person I know.

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