Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Happy 2009 to everyone! J and I spent our Eve at the Insight Bowl game in Tempe. We were invited by J's cousin to see the game and go to the block party afterward. The game was fun and exciting. Our seats were 2 rows from the bottom on the 40 yard line; we were on the Kansas side and each seat had a pom pom on them. The game started out w/ 5 parachuters coming in to make a landing on the football field, followed by the national anthem and fireworks. With every touchdown and field goal there was fireworks. Half time was funny, Kansas did there performance which included Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Minnesota also had that in mind. They did their "Thriller" version and by far surpassed Kansas's performance. Minnesota's band is awesome! After the Kansas win, we headed over to the block party on Mill Avenue. They had lots of things for kids to do including carnival rides, air guitar contest, rock climbing wall, guitar hero and about 4 stages for bands. We ate at Gordon Biersch Brewery and had an awesome meal. Afterwards, we walked down to the lake where the fireworks would be and Styx would perform. Three firework displays and an hour and 20 minutes of Styx we headed home. It was a good night to ring in the new year, a little cold, but it was a good time.

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Vickie, thank you for stopping by & leaving a comment. So nice to meet you & glad you chimed in on the vacuum cleaner discussion. Seems a lot of us are excited about our vacuum cleaners! Hope you'll come back often & yes, we will be talking a lot about decorating on my blog.