Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brown Cloud

Today it was warned to stay inside if you have asthma or a respiratory problem, to carpool, and no fires due to the brown cloud. HUH? I had to find out more about this, so I used my trusty Google for search. I found This interesting article that explained it all to me. Basically, the air on the ground is colder than it is above so it traps in any pollution and junk in the air, when the temperature rises the cloud starts to lift and results in a brown colored haze. I guess this is typical all over different parts of the world too.

I've decided to use Google's Picasa as my choice for picture albums and storage. I was using Kodak Gallery, but they recently changed their software in which resulted in the computer freezing up, sometimes resulting in slowness and a reboot. This was not only happening to me, but to the receivers of my albums. I've decided to switch to Picasa and eliminate all the mess. I didn't have good luck with Wal Mart's either, which caused me to try Kodak. Now I won't get nagging emails from Google wanting me to order from them and filling up my inbox, Kodak is bad with that crap.

As for some advice, do not buy The Dispenser (I, II, III, or IV). There was one left in our master shower and in the upstairs shower. They were moldy and pointless. I had to research how to take them off because they are held up with double sided tape and silicone. J had to use an exacto knife to cut it from the silicone and then I spent at least 30 minutes trying to scrape off the silicon and sticky tape, thank goodness for Goo Gone. They don't hold much liquid anyway and they don't have any choices for shampoos, conditioners, body wash. It's not like you can find Redken or Matrix as a choice for great looking locks to put in the dispenser.

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Shelia said...

Odd I have never had a problem with and have used them for my last 6 years of picures. I think it's the user 2 sites now