Sunday, January 4, 2009

Murphy's Law

I had to work at DSW for 6 hours. Now this job may be the most brain-less job I've had, but it is booorrring. I basically get paid a few bucks to walk around for 4-6hours, that's a lot of walking! For some reason they have a ton of people working too as if we all weren't bored enough. I don't understand their logic w/ scheduling, payroll and their "extended hours". But it's nice to have a few bucks and I'll probably keep it for a little while after I start working full time.

J's been moping around and depressed the last few days; nothing for him to do. I can think of a list of things to be done around the house, but he's "on vacation". So I decided to try to find a place that has live music/band. I found a place 10 miles from the house and it seemed really cool and had a ton of locations in Arizona including 1 in Kansas. We get there at 10, since I didn't get home from work until 9:30 and discovered the place was closed. Their lights were on, but barstools up and no one around. It was weird, it didn't look like it was closed for good since there weren't any signs up on the doors. The place is called Famous Sams and if you look at their Web site it looks like a cool fun place to hang. Maybe we'll call them and see what the deal is.

Here it was after 1o and now where should I take J to forget his boredom? He wanted to check out Murphy's Law Irish Pub since it was brand new and it was close to home. It's actually next door to the San Tan Brewery in which I've talked about in an earlier post. The place was pretty cool. Lots of drink choices, your typical Irish decor, large bar and a great crowd of 20 and 30 somethings. It was pretty packed when we got there and as the time went on, more and more kept coming. One funny thing we saw was a cab came to pick up a bunch of guys, 5 in fact. Five big guys fit into a taxi cab! It was fun to watch them figure out how they were going to fit. The drinking and driving laws are extremely tight here. I will not drink and drive here after having 2 drinks, it's not worth the risk. If you get 1 DUI, your license will be taken for 12 months and you could go to The Tent & This. We don't need any of that. Anyway, we had a good time at Murphy's Law, perhaps we'll spend St. Patricks day there and I know we'll be heading back sometime beforehand. Now we just need some friends to come visit or make some friends to hang out with!

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