Monday, January 26, 2009

Big News

I failed to mention that I tried a new sub place on Friday for lunch. The Taco Bell line was too long for my patience, so I opted to try out the new Port of Subs across from work. Remind you that it was hard for me to give up staying in line at T.B. since I haven't had it since moving down here. My favorite sub shop is Blimpies, but I've only seen one of those down here and it's not close to the house. Port of Subs is the next Blimpies, minus the lack of bread choices. They do the fresh sliced meat like Blimpies and have good, but simple toppings. The prices were reasonable and cheaper than Subway. I got a combo for about $5. I'm glad I chose to eat there instead.

Now back to today's training and good news. Today's training consisted of 7 hours of diversity. I had no clue how there would be 7 hours of diversity to talk about, but it wasn't so bad. We played a couple of games and watched a couple of videos. Our trainer works in HR and she was really cool and laid back and most of all-Real.

I had been checking my phone all day to see if I've missed an important call that I was hoping for. Finally at 3 J had texted me stating that D from Edward Jones called and I was to call her back before she left at 3:45. SWEET! So I quickly jumped up from training and attempted to call her only to leave a voicemail. About 10 minutes later she called, so I jumped up again and frantically walked-half ran out of training to take her call. We've played phone tag previously so I didn't want any of that going on today. She offered me the position I interviewed for last Thursday, Mutual Fund Trades. YAY! I'm so excited to start this new opportunity/career. Edward Jones is listed as #2 on the Best Companies to Work For per Forbes (last week they were #4). In my previous posts I failed to tell you about the outcome of my first interview for their transfer position, that's because I received a reject letter. But I wasn't going to let that stop me, it was my intention to apply again when I got out of training with Wells Fargo. Instead, my HR contact called me on January 12 (same day I started Wells Fargo) and wanted to offer me another position to interview for. She stated the interviewers had good remarks about me and that my knowledge and experience in the industry were a great asset. It felt good that they called me and wanted me to work there. I felt like I've established a relationship with my HR lady since we've talked so many times, played phone tag many times and she has to be the nicest, most professional HR lady I've ever met. She asked me to call her back tomorrow to go over a few things, she has been great about working around my work schedule with Wells Fargo. What an opportunity this will bring to me. I get to choose my shift schedule, which will be awesome. On a last note, I'll be working with Canadian trades, which means I'll have Canada holidays off instead of U.S. holidays, but it also includes a couple extra holidays.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Sounds like you left NE just in the nick of time...Your old employer is cutting jobs now.

Glad to hear things are going well. BTW, you surprised me when you said you had applied with Edward Jones! I thought you wanted to avoid anything of the sort once you left your old gig! Pay must be pretty hard to pass up, eh?

Vicki said...

I wanted to stay in the business since I'm comfortable with it and know it. Not having a job for a few months made me realize how much I enjoyed it. I think I was just bored w/ my past position at AMTD, not the company or the business. Ed Jones is an excellent company.