Saturday, January 10, 2009


Friday was an interesting day. I decided it was time to get my Arizona license plate and register my car. I asked J to join me in this interesting voyage. He was rather "thrilled", hehe. First you have to stop at Emissions and give them $27.75 for less than 2 minutes of their time. Last time we went for J's car, there was a line, this time, nothing. From the time I pulled into the lot, got out of my car, dug out the cash and left the lot, it was 5 minutes. I still think it's all a sham. Then I go next door to the DMV or as they call it the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) and get my car inspected. This process is always pretty quick and smooth. I was concerned that she didn't ask me for my emission paper to see if I passed. About 5 minutes there and I pull into a parking spot and head in to get my numbered ticket and wait for an hour. Apparently Friday is not a good day to go to the MVD, I made a mental note of that. As always, it's great people watching, eavesdropping on conversations, and a test of your patience. I got my plate and paid $118 for 1 year and I still didn't get asked about my emissions. Then I wanted to get a new picture for my drivers license since the last one was horrific. This took about 15 minutes and the picture turned out MUCH better! So an hour and 30 minutes at the MVD wasn't so bad, I just know not to go on a Monday or a Friday. But now I can renew online from now on.

Friday night we decided to try out a new bar and see a live band for the first time since moving down. Live local bands aren't a big deal down here. We went to a restaurant & bar in The Foothills of Ahwatukee called Tiggos . J ordered the special, a Flatiron steak with garlic mashed potatoes and baked potato soup. I ordered the club with Cesar salad. The meal was great and reasonably priced with lots of brews on tap. The band that was set to play is called Alley and the Pinheadz, an 80's band. I met Alley in the bathroom and we chatted for a few, she was in there changing into her costume/80's outfit. Their Web site shows her with black hair, but she recently colored it blond, which I think looks better. The girl has quite the work history with background in modeling, appearing in videos for Eminem, Gwen Stefani and Pink to name a few. We stayed through two of their sets and made the 30 minute drive home. The bar was a fun bar, with a small town feel and lots of friendly people. Being up close to the band, we naturally attract dancers and drunks. Including a guy who liked to take his flip flop off and spank himself and others with it, he also taunted J a few times. It was a good entertaining time and we'll be going back soon I'm sure.

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