Sunday, January 25, 2009


Saturday after work I stopped at Wal Mart to get a Shepard's hook and was looking for some flowers. I got a steal on the hook! Only $11.00, I guess it was last years model. Target had them for $40.00, so I got a heck a deal at good ol' Wally World. HAHA Anyway, the reason I wanted one was to hang my new Hummingbird feeder from. Places around here are just starting to put out their garden stuff, which surprises me that they don't have it year around. I was unable to find other gardening supplies that I was looking for, guess I'll have to go back when all the stock is put out. I was able to find some bright yellow flowers that are called "Sun Animal" so we'll see how they go.

I was eager to put up the feeder, so I spent some time Sunday morning getting the feeder ready and potting my new flowers. Hummingbird nectar is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. You can imagine the sticky mess I had to clean up when I spilled it on the floor and on my sandals, LOL. I'm excited to see how long it will take for a Hummingbird to find their new feeder. I guess we have one in the neighborhood that goes back and forth between a couple of yards, so maybe it will add my yard to it's list.

I had to work at DSW again today. So I wasn't able to enjoy the whole day outside, like I would have wanted. The weather has been beautiful the last couple of weeks.

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