Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Sunday, J and I took Mary and Barry out to eat at The Olive Garden. I hadn't been there since high school and we had a great meal. Barry mentioned a place called San Tan Flat and thought we'd like it so he drove us over to check it out. This place was cool! There was a ton of motorcycles there, a bike rally I assumed. The decor was country western with rusted old parts, old wooden tires, lanterns, horseshoes, saddles etc. when you walk in it's a regular restaurant, but you go through to the back and it's like you're in a little city. It's completely open with picnic tables, BBQ pits and dance floor. The little buildings surrounding the restaurant holds a Saloon, pool hall, and building you can rent out. They have live music also, but not while we were there. The food is typical and they have cheap beers. It was another great 80 some degree day which made it great to sit outside and relax and take it all in. We mostly watched all the bikers that were there. Between the cowboys from Saturday to the bikers on Sunday, we've had a lot of people watching and great times.

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