Saturday, February 7, 2009

In a Nutshell

What a whirlwind it has been these last few days! The tile is all completed and we've begun the process of moving furniture back. I've spent all morning and afternoon removing dust from everything. J mopped the floor about 4 times. We took 10 bags of thinset (50 pounds per bag) back to the Monterrey tile to get money back for the unused bags. We divided 5 bags between our 2 cars since 500 pounds would have been way too heavy in one car. Also bought some grout sealer that J will be putting on Sunday night; it takes 4 hours to dry.

Friday was my last day at Wells Fargo. My plan was to tell my manager around 4:00 since I assumed they wouldn't want me to actually put in 2 weeks. Well, it was a coincidence that my new friend Stephen landed a new job too and we had it planned to say goodbye to the class and quit on the same day. We both wanted a week off before starting our new jobs. He told his manager Friday afternoon and he was cool with it and was fine with Stephen staying until 5:00 to finish the day. My manager came into our training room at 3:30 and wanted to ask me something about my claims I've worked on (I thought she might have heard the rumor of me quitting and was coming to question me about it). As she was asking me questions all I could think about was "this doesn't matter, today is my last day". So I said to her that before I answered her question that I had planned on coming to talk to her at 4:00 to let her know that it was my going to be my last day there, that I had found another job someplace else. I think her head exploded. She was pissed. She studderd several times and raised her voice stating that she wasted her time for our one one ones we've been having every week and asked me why I was working there today/Friday. I was getting pissed that she raised her voice to me, disrespected me and was acting very unprofessional. She asked if my trainers knew, they did because I had told them that morning. Then she stormed off into my training room, freaking out to my trainer. It was like all hell broke loose, shit hit the fan. The next thing I know my trainer sends me and Stephen an email advising us that we needed to type up a resignation letter and sign it. We had just completed it when Stephen's manager came in to get us and walk us out. All of this happened in about a 20 minute timeframe and we were escorted out at 4:10. I was just fuming! Never had I ever experienced anything so rude from a manager. I expected the escort, since most financial institutions do that. We were unable to say goodbye to our fellow classmates and only a couple knew what was going on. I felt like I had been fired, rather than myself quitting. It was a terrible experience. I had to come home and have some Vodka to calm myself down. Luckily, Stephen had planned on going out for drinks that night anyway.

At 6:30 we met up at the Tempe Marketplace at a place called D'Arcy McGees Irish Pub. Stephen wanted J and I to meet his friends Tim and Randi. We had drinks and a good time. Then around 9:00 then we headed over to Slices to end our night with some pizza.

Saturday was cleaning time and putting the heavy furniture back. We asked Uncle B and Barry to help with the big stuff. Later that night J and I headed to San Tan Shopping Center to Office Max for me to buy my brand new laptop. Yes, I am typing on it right now! Acer brand, web cam included, on sale. My Dell is reaching it's end, end of battery and end of memory. Then we stopped at Logans Steakhouse to eat.

Sunday, J and I headed to the Mesa Swap Meet (my favorite place to buy Southwestern decor). I wanted to see if I could get some area rugs for a decent price and buy some new sunglasses. I found a nice 5x5 area rug for our living room and a small matching rug for the kitchen. I also bought knock-off sunglasses, 3 pairs for $20!

I am looking forward to my week off. Although the weather has cooled down again, in the 60's. We actually had a ton of rain today along with hail. I still have alot of cleaning to do since this dust is everywhere!

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