Monday, March 30, 2009

Allergies, Cactus and T.V.

The month of March has been going by really fast. I can tell Spring it here due to the blooming flowers. Some cactus have flowers on them, which makes the cactus pretty and less dangerous looking. Some of the trees are growing their leaves back and everyone seems to be hitting up the nurseries getting big pots and flowers. I've noticed butterflies all over. Just tons of monarchs flying around in the parks and backyard. All of this blooming gets every ones allergies all flared up. I never would have thought allergies would be so bad around here. I had someone tell me that I must not have allergies because I was sitting outside enjoying my lunch. I don't have allergies, but when I first moved down here I noticed my nose was dry and I'd blow out blood. This has been happening again, I don't think it's allergy related, but more likely because the dry weather lately and the bad amount of dust blowing around from the strong winds we've been having.

Uncle B cut off some of his cactus for us to plant in our yard. I hope they take, but we shall see. I've killed regular houseplants, so we'll see if I kill these too. I didn't do any research before planting them in the ground, which I should have done.

One of my favorite Monday night T.V. shows is Rules of Engagement, I highly recommend watching this show on CBS. It's funny and a great way to finish out a Monday-back to work-night. In fact, the whole line up from 7-9 is great on CBS on Monday nights.

I actually went to the gym on a weekend. Yesterday was day 1 of the new "trying to work out 4 times a week". Tonight was day 2, half way there!

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