Friday, March 27, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

How is the no coffee for lent working out for me? Well, it's been going fine. I haven't had one drop of it. I've been drinking more water which is better for me anyway. But I can't wait to have some coffee and my first drink will be at my parents. They make pretty good coffee.

Last night the Mutual Funds department was invited to free drinks and appetizers by one of the fund companies. Naturally, I took up on this offer. I sat at Jilly's American Grill from 4:15 until 7:30 and took in as many free drinks as I would allow myself to have in order to still drive home safely. The appetizers were rather tasty and the conversation was interesting. There's nothing like getting to know your co-workers like loosening up at the bar. The stuff that comes out of the mouths of others when they have some poison to loosen their lips. Good stuff. The wind was blowing like crazy, tumbleweeds blowing across the freeway, dust blowing as though it appeared to be foggy. It sure made for an interesting drive home.

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